The Flexible Dieters



What’s up flexible dieters! On this website you will find reviews on various macro friendly snacks; the reviews are mainly focused on items that either have a high protein count or low calories in general. While chicken may have a high protein count and while veggies may be low in calories, this is not what this site is about. This site purely covers more unique and convenient options on how you can meet your macros for the day that are different from your typical ‘healthy’ food that require more preparation time and may not be the tastiest thing in the world. This can include anything from protein bars to ice cream to chips to whatever else is out there that has a good macronutrient profile and relatively low in calories compared to similar products. 


In addition to product reviews, there is also a section for homemade recipes submitted by various people and myself. These can range from full meals to simple dessert snacks. The recipe will be included as well as the macros and overall calories of the finished product.


I hope you all enjoy your time and find some great new products and/or recipes to fit in your macros from time to time! Best of luck with your health goals utilizing flexible dieting!


Don’t know what flexible dieting is? Never heard the term before? Learn everything you need to know here