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I find peanut butter & jelly as a flavor to be pretty hit or miss in general when it comes to protein bars. It’s not a terribly common flavor, but it’s usually higher in calories and fat in comparison to other flavors when I have seen it. Quest’s version is a good example, and I don’t think it’s worth the extra calories when other flavors taste much better. The B Up PB&j bar is no exception when it comes to being higher in calories and fat compared to other B Up flavors. Are the extra calories and fat justified though?

B-Up PB&J Review



Macronutrient Profile

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Ingredient List



I actually think they are in this case. So far this has definitely been my favorite tasting flavor of B Up. I don’t think Quest’s version of PB&J is worth the extra calories considering other lower calorie flavors just taste better, but the B Up PB&J is so much better than the other flavors in my opinion that I think I would make an exception and sacrifice the extra calories for the better taste more often than not when it comes to buying a bar from this brand.


Size Comparison

Most of the other B Up bars are just plain throughout but this flavor has some actual peanut butter chunks mixed throughout the bar, and they really do a lot to amplify the overall taste. And also unlike the other B Up bars, this bar was soft but not soft enough to the point where it would fall apart and droop down if you were to hold it out in the air for more than a few seconds.

Now, the cons about this bar. It is relatively high in fat, especially in comparison to other flavors of B Up bars. One B Up PB&J bar totals out to 210 calories with the macros of 20p/24c/10f in addition to 18g of fiber. For comparison, most other B Up bars are around 4-6g of fat per bar so as you can see this is quite a bit higher.B-Up PB&J

B Up isn’t a brand I would routinely get mainly for the fact that most of the other flavors that their bars come in, other brands do it better. The only exception would be the sugar cookie flavor, and now this flavor. The B Up PB&J flavor is one of the best PB&J protein bars I’ve had, so if I were to ever come back to B-Up on occasion, this is the bar I would probably go to regardless of the higher calories.


The peanut butter chunks are delicious.



+18g fiber 

+Whey protein isolate

+Very good taste



-10g fat makes it less macro friendly


Recommended: Yes

Overall: B+



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