Combat Crunch Cookie Dough Review

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Combat Crunch bars in the flexible dieting community. Many people have compared them to Quest bars and OhYeah! One bars in terms of quality, taste, and macros. As a big fan of Quest bars (well, most flavors at least), this definitely caught my attention. And also as a big fan of the flavor as well, the bar certainly seemed like a treat I would enjoy. Let’s move on with the Combat Crunch cookie dough review to find out for sure.

Combat Crunch Cookie Dough Review


Combat Crunch cookie dough review

Macronutrient Profile

Combat Crunch cookie dough review

Ingredient List

Combat Crunch cookie dough review

I’m here to confirm the hype is real, and they are indeed pretty damn good. Easily in the upper echelon as far as protein bars go. With that being said though, I would say they are still a slight notch under OhYeah! One bars and Quest bars. Maybe my opinion will change after trying some more of their flavors as I have only tried the cookie dough flavor at this point, but that is generally my favorite flavor of any type of protein bar so I’m finding it unlikely that I will enjoy one of their other flavors more so than this one. I guess we will see though!

Combat Crunch cookie dough review

Size comparison.


First let’s talk about the nutritional profile. The Combat Crunch cookie dough flavor comes in at 20p/28c/7f with 12g fiber and 5g sugar, totaling to 210 calories. Pretty good macros for sure, but a little higher in calories compared to most Quest bars. I will say though that it was indeed a pretty dense bar; I felt like I was eating a legitimate meal when I ate it so I do think the slightly higher caloric count is justified in this case.

The protein comes in the Combat Crunch cookie dough bar comes from whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate which is an excellent source of protein for a nutritional bar. Most protein bars from the past and even some current ones today cCombat Crunch cookie dough reviewontain a lot of soy protein which definitely is not an ideal source of protein, especially for guys since it can alter estrogen levels. I’m really digging this current trend of companies making actual legit protein bars with good sources of protein, and that don’t taste like complete dog **** in the process. I understand they are more expensive for the companies to make and in result have to be sold at a higher price compared to awful protein bars from the past, but I will gladly pay an extra dollar if it means I’m getting that much better of quality and taste. Hopefully this trend keeps up!


Overall, I was very pleased with the Combat Crunch cookie dough bar as a whole and with this flavor. I can see myself buying these again from time to time just to switch it up from OhYeah! One and Quest bars. Great taste, good macros, good protein sources and high fiber content makes for a pretty damn good protein bar, in my opinion.

Combat Crunch cookie dough review

Look at this ****. Tell me this doesn’t look good?


+Great taste 

+12g of fiber                                                           

+Whey protein isolate



-Better cookie dough bars out there


Recommended: Yes




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