Enlightened Cookie Dough Review

Enlightened Cookie Dough

The Enlightened brand continues to not disappoint with their ice cream. The peanut butter chocolate chip was INSANELY good for its nutritional profile and this flavor is no exception. The Enlightened cookie dough ice cream is an absolute hit and a must try for flexible dieters and cookie dough fans.

Enlightened Cookie Dough Review


Enlightened Cookie Dough

Macronutrient Profile

Enlightened Cookie Dough

Ingredient List


Enlightened cookie dough

Incredible. Like the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, this one hits all the right notes and is all I could ever ask for in an ice cream pint with 28g of protein and 20g of fiber. The cookie dough bites are very abundant, and they are very delicious. They’re also pretty big in actual size which is a nice change from mix-ins in the peanut butter flavor. That’s about the only thing the cookie dough flavor has over that flavor though. The base in this ice cream is still very enjoyable in comparison to any other brand of protein ice cream out there, but it’s not as flavorful as Enlightened’s peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, or most of their other flavors for that matter. It’s a sweet cream flavor I believe, and in all honesty is maybe the weakest base flavor out of all the Enlightened pints in my opinion. What makes this pint so amazing though are the mix-ins which include both chocolate chips and cookie dough bites. The chocolate chips are a good crunch, but the cookie dough bites are the real highlight and what makes this flavor so enjoyable.

Enlightened cookie dough

Just look at it.

One pint of Enlightened cookie dough ice cream totals out to 400 calories consisting of the macros 28p/72c/12f in addition to 20g of fiber. I know there are technically four servings in the pint but with an ice cream this low in calories and this high in protein, obviously the most logical thing is to just eat the whole pint at once. It would be total blasphemy to not enjoy the flavor to its full potential by completely devouring it in a single sitting, especially because most of the dough is at the bottom so it’s a very exciting conclusion to your spoon’s journey. Plus with all that protein and fiber, you’re only aiding your nutrition more than anything by eating all of it at once. Justification for the win.

Enlightened Cookie DoughI’ll repeat what I said in the opening paragraph: the Enlightened cookie dough ice cream is an absolute must try for any flexible dieters, ice cream lovers and cookie dough fans. For the amount of protein and fiber you get in this pint and for only 400 calories, it’s easily one of the best nutritious snacks out there to satisfy a sweet tooth while still being macro friendly. From what I’ve tasted of the Enlightened brand, they are without a doubt the go-to ice cream as far as taste with protein ice cream goes. Upon first impression, I do have to say the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor edges this one out though. The peanut butter base in that flavor was just too damn good to surpass. The cookie dough definitely has the better and bigger mix-ins however, so your mileage may vary on which one you think is better based on how great of importance you place on the base ice cream vs. mix-ins. No matter what, it’s still a top ranking flavor and one of the best tasting, macro friendly products I’ve ever had.

Enlightened Cookie Dough

Fuarkkk dat dough!


+400 calories for WHOLE PINT

+20g fiber

+28g protein

+Cookie dough bites taste INCREDIBLE!



-Little higher calories than competition


Recommended: Yes would be an understatement…

Overall Rating: A+


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