Enlightened Sea Salt Caramel Review

Enlightened Sea Salt Caramel

With the Enlightened sea salt caramel ice cream, Enlightened keeps on proving why they’re the best protein ice cream out there. Their pints aren’t quite as low of calories as their competitors, but the tastes are so much better that the extra calories are easily justified.

Enlightened Sea Salt Caramel Review


Enlightened Sea Salt Caramel

Macronutrient Profile

Ingredient List

Ingredient List


Enlightened yet again has another hit on their hands with the sea salt caramel flavor. Sea salt caramel ice cream fans will definitely be satisfied as the pint is true to the flavor. The sea salt flavor of the base ice cream is very delicious on its own. The caramel swirls aren’t extremely abundant but when you do get a bite of one, it’s a little taste of heaven. I’m not sure if it was just my pint, but I definitely had most of the caramel at the bottom. It made the bottom an absolute sensation of flavors and utterly amazing, but the rest of the pint could have stood for more a little more caramel swirl action in my opinion. I guess at only 320 calories for the whole pint which is the lowest amount of calories out all of the Enlightened pints, the lack of excess caramel swirls was to be expected.

Enlightened sea salt caramelGoing off the previous paragraph, the Enlightened sea salt caramel ice cream totals out to 320 calories consisting of the macros 28p/68c/6f in addition to 20g fiber. Excellent nutritional profile all around combined with very low calorie packed with immense flavor.

Overall, the Enlightened sea salt caramel ice cream was an extremely enjoyable treat that I would go back to. The nutritional profile combined with the great taste is nothing short of top notch. Even though I did enjoy the peanut butter chocolate chip and cookie dough flavors a bit more, the lower calories on this flavor would actually make me revisit this one more often when I’m on real low calories near the end of a long prep or caloric restriction. When my calories are more manageable and not super low though, I don’t think I would choose this one over those two other flavors. Very rarely at least. Huge sea salt caramel lovers might enjoy this flavor more, as admittedly I’m biased towards cookie dough and peanut butter flavors since they’re my favorites. It’s good enough and nutritious enough to try regardless, so give it a shot and see what your taste buds think.

Enlightened sea salt caramel



+320 calories for the WHOLE PINT!

+28g protein

+20g fiber

+Solid taste, lowest calories for Enlightened pints



-Little higher in calories compared to competition

 -Could use a little more caramel swirls


Recommended: YES

Overall Rating: A


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