OhYeah One Cookie Dough Review

OhYeah One cookie dough

Man oh man. What a treat the OhYeah One cookie dough bar was to my taste buds. Based on how much I enjoyed their birthday cake flavor and how much I like cookie dough as a flavor in general, I had high hopes for this bar. It did not disappoint.

OhYeah One Cookie Dough Review


OhYeah One cookie dough

Macronutrient Profile

OhYeah One cookie dough

Ingredient List

OhYeah One cookie dough


The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” definitely holds true here. Or in this specific case, don’t judge a protein bar by its appearance. The OhYeah One cookie dough bar isn’t much to look at, and looks pretty bland/boring upon first sight if I’m being completely honest. It looks pretty basic and doesn’t seem like it would pack the delicious punch that it does… But it sure does all right.

OhYeah One cookie dough

Size Comparison

One OhYeah One cookie dough bar totals out to 210 calories with the macros of 21p/24c/8f in addition to 10g of fiber. The macro ratio itself is okay, but it’s a bit on the higher side of calories for some protein bars. The taste is so worth it though. It doesn’t do anything extremely creative or unique with the cookie dough flavor, but it just nails the execution. It shows that a cookie dough bar doesn’t need excess cookie dough bites or chocolate chips in order to be good, but that it can be good on its own base flavor and not rely on an abundance mix-ins.OhYeah One cookie dough

While I don’t think I would rank the OhYeah One cookie dough bar perhaps as high as the birthday cake flavor, I still immensely enjoyed this bar. The flavor is outstanding and whey protein isolate/milk protein isolate are always welcome sources of protein. It’s too early to tell if I like this version as much as Quest’s cookie dough version (which happens to be my favorite Quest flavor), but at the bare minimum it’s in the Top 2 best tasting out of all the cookie dough protein bars that I’ve ever had.


OhYeah One cookie dough

Just excellent.



+10g fiber 

+Whey protein isolate

+Amazing taste



-Maybe could use a little more mix-ins


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A



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