Victory Cookie Dough Review

Victory Cookie Dough

OhYeah! is a really big brand of nutritional supplements, and in result they have quite a few lines of protein bars in the mix among other things. The Victory line just happens to be one of them. I’m a big fan of OhYeah!’s One line, so I was eager to find out how the Victory bars compared. I decided to dive on into the Victory cookie dough bar to find out.

Victory Cookie Dough Review


Victory Cookie Dough

Macronutrient Profile

OhYeah Victory Cookie Dough

Ingredient List

Victory Cookie Dough


It’s a fairly long yet slender bar in appearance. Definitely one of the bigger protein bars out there in pure height, but as you can see it is quite narrow as well. You can also see however, that it is extensively decked out in chocolate chips which gives it a very appealable look in my opinion. The looks ****-ing delicious, to be perfectly honest with you. On the initial bite though, it wasn’t quite as good as I was hoping it would be.


Size Comparison

Definitely not bad by any means, but going by appearance and based on how good their One bars are, I was expecting this to be in the ‘A’ range as far as ratings go. What I tasted was not of that level unfortunately, but it was still a pretty enjoyable bar.

The Victory cookie dough bar totals in at 200 calories with the macros 21p/26c/6f in addition to 17g of fiber and 8g of sugar. Overall, pretty good macros for what you get with the bar. I was expecting more fat considering the amount of chocolate chips. The protein comes from the sources whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and calcium caseinate.

Victory Cookie DoughAs far as a cookie dough flavors go, I found the Victory cookie dough bar to be a bit above average but not mind blowing by any means. I wouldn’t place it in my top 3 in that flavor, but probably more in the 4th-6th range. With some of the better tasting cookie dough flavors out there with similar macros such as Quest, Combat Crunch, and OhYeah’s One line, it’s hard to really recommend this. It’s not bad though and it does have relatively low fat in comparison to some other brands of that flavor, so I don’t necessarily advise to stay clear from it either. I’d maybe try it once to see how you like it compared to the other cookie dough bars, then decide yourself if it’s ever worth going back to.

Victory Cookie Dough

Dem chips!



+Whey protein isolate

+17g fiber



-There are better tasting cookie dough bars                                                                      


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B-



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