Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan

Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan

The chunky flavors of Arctic Zero have for the most part been fairly decent, certainly better tasting than their creamy flavors at least. Given that their twice the amount of calories though that’s to be expected. With that being said, I had mixed feelings going into the Arctic Zero buttery pecan flavor. Pecans aren’t really my favorite so I didn’t have as high of hopes for this flavor like I did with the snickerdoodle and cookie dough. Maybe my lower expectations will lead to a more surprising and satisfying experience, but there’s only one way to find out.

Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan Review


Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan

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Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan

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Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan

The top of the Arctic zero buttery pecan pint looked pretty lovely I have to admit. It looked like it was packed full of flavor and mix-ins so at that point I was pretty eager to dive on in despite not having any prior anticipation. I probably should have kept it that way, because the pint wasn’t as flavorful as the top of it led me to believe… Go figure. With Arctic Zero I should have known better by now, but you never know with new flavors so I try to keep an open mind. Like all other Arctic Zero pints, the texture and taste is made much more enjoyable if you let it sit and melt for awhile. I didn’t really think this pint was bad necessarily; I enjoyed it to an extent and finished the whole thing (I’m on poverty macros though at 8 weeks out from a contest). However, it didn’t do a whole lot to ‘wow’ me and wasn’t as good as some of their other chunky flavors.

Arctic Zero Buttery PecanThe calories for the Arctic Zero buttery pecan flavor total out to 300 calories PER PINT consisting of the macros 12p/40c/10f in addition to 12g fiber. I believe this actually might have the highest fat out of any Arctic Zero flavor, which is a definite knock against it considering I’ve enjoyed all the other 300 calories flavors that have less fat more than this one… Except for the banana pudding flavor. That was awful.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad pint. It’s certainly an improvement over their original creamy flavors (it is twice the calories though too), but not as good as most of their other chunky flavors with the same calories. The fact that it has the highest fat out of all their flavors definitely doesn’t help as well, and makes it hard to find a reason to re-purchase this. Maybe if you REALLY enjoy pecans then you might look into this flavor, but I think Arctic Zero has better stuff to offer.

Arctic Zero Buttery Pecan

If you like pecans, here they are.


+300 calories PER PINT

+12g protein

+12g fiber



-Still tastes bad compared to real ice cream

-Highest fat of all Arctic Zero flavors


Recommended: Maybe in a caloric deficit

Overall Rating: C


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