Arctic Zero Cake Batter Review

Arctic Zero Cake Batter

With all of Arctic Zero’s 150 calorie pints, I’m extremely skeptical going in. The Arctic Zero cake batter was no exception. While the flavor does sound excellent and Arctic Zero always has appealing looking packaging that leads you to believe it will be delicious, I’m wiser than I once was and know now not to be deceived by a captivating flavor name when it comes to this brand. Maybe this flavor will break the mold though as I do LOVE cake batter and birthday cake in general, so I was pretty eager to try out.

Arctic Zero Cake Batter Review


Arctic Zero Cake Batter

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero Cake Batter

Ingredient List

Arctic Zero Cake Batter

I mean… It was better than most of the other 150 calorie flavors I will say. But at the end of the day… It’s still Arctic Zero. There’s only so much you can do with taste when you’re trying to make a pint of ice cream for only 150 calories. The Arctic Zero cake batter flavor unfortunately didn’t do anything to change my opinion on that. I suppose this was good for 150 calorie pint standards, but still, in comparison to other ‘healthy’ ice creams out there, it just can’t even begin to compare. I realize that it’s competition are higher in calories, however I would GLADLY eat an extra 50-200 calories per pint if I’m going to enjoy it THAT much better.

Arctic Zero Cake BatterThe Arctic Zero cake batter totals out to 150 calories for the WHOLE PINT consisting of the macros 12p/28c/0f in addition to 8g fiber. The macros are truly remarkable, and that is the one definite advantage it has over all of it’s competition.

I do think this was one of the best 150 calorie flavor that Arctic Zero has to offer, debatably even their best. Really just depends on how you feel about cake batter as a flavor in general. Even though the macros and calories on the Arctic Zero cake batter flavor are the best in the game, it’s very difficult to find justification in recommending this over other brands/flavor that are a little higher in calories but taste MUCH better though. I would say maybe if you’re on super low poverty calories or something, but even then I’m not really sure. To put things into perspective… As I type this I’ve been in a caloric deficit for close to a year now, 9 weeks out from my first show of the season, on less than 2000 calories a day, and I STILL am buying Enlightened and Halo Top over Arctic Zero. You might be different, but I would gladly take the extra calories for a taste that I’m going to enjoy a significant amount more.

Arctic Zero Cake Batter

Good for creamy Arctic Zero standards, I guess.


+150 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+12g protein

+8g fiber

+One of the better 150 calorie flavors for Arctic Zero



-Taste is extremely subpar at BEST


Recommended: Maybe if you’re in an extreme caloric deficit, if not don’t bother

Overall Rating: C-



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