Arctic Zero Cookie Dough Review

Arctic Zero cookie dough

The Arctic Zero cookie dough pint might be the very best thing this company has to offer in my opinion. It’s vanilla ice cream with a bunch a cookie dough pieces embedded throughout; simple, but the execution is there for Arctic Zero standards. It’s a very similar experience to the A Lil’ Bit Chippy flavor, except the mix-ins are cookie dough bites instead of chocolate chips… Which makes it better. Obviously.

Arctic Zero Cookie Dough Review


Arctic Zero cookie dough

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero cookie dough

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Arctic Zero cookie dough

Like all the other chunky flavors, the actual texture and flavor of the ice cream is in the Arctic Zero cookie dough nothing extraordinary and pretty lacking, but the mix-ins are what really make the pint. This has the best mix-ins yet in my opinion, but perhaps I’m a bit biased as cookie dough is usually one of my favorite flavors of ice cream. The cookie dough bites are indeed delicious though, and taste exactly how you would expect a cookie dough bite to except. While the ‘ice cream’ can’t resemble the real deal, the cookie dough pieces sure enough can. They are pretty abundant as well; they definitely don’t skimp out on the number of them which made me very happy. Since I mention this fact in all my other Arctic Zero reviews, I might as well here too. The pint is made much more enjoyable if you let it sit out for awhile to melt a bit first before diving on into it.

Arctic Zero cookie doughThe calories for the Arctic Zero cookie pint flavor total out to 300 calories PER PINT consisting of the macros 12p/44c/10f in addition to 12g fiber. In addition to the buttery pecan, I believe this flavor has the highest fat out of all Arctic Zero pints which is a little unfortunate. However, unlike the buttery pecan, the higher fat content in this pint is justified considering how much better the taste is. Unless you truly enjoy pecans as opposed to cookie dough for mix-ins then you might think the opposite, but in that case you’re just an anomaly from normal society.

I don’t say this often with this brand… But I actually really liked this pint. The Arctic Zero cookie dough flavor really pulled it off. This is largely due to the cookie dough bites being delicious and abundant because the actual ice cream part of the pint is lacking like usual. Even though the ice cream isn’t anything special, it’s hard not to find a little enjoyment when you’re tasting cookie dough in every other bite. This has definitely been my favorite flavor of Arctic Zero so far. I’ve yet to try the brownie blast though, which I’ve heard from numerous people as being their best. Until then, this remains my favorite Arctic Zero pint and is a top flavor of the brand regardless.

Arctic Zero cookie dough

The cookie dough bites are actually really legit.


+12g protein

+12g fiber

+Best flavor in my opinion, if only for the cookie dough bites



-Ice cream still worse compared to competition

-Highest fat of all Arctic Zero flavors


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B-


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