Combat Crunch Birthday Cake Review

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake

Birthday cake has quickly became one of my favorite flavors of sweets over the years. While I didn’t like it as much when I was a kid, I’ve come to greatly enjoy any ice cream, cookie, protein bar, etc. based on the flavor nowadays. When I saw MusclePharm had a new Combat Crunch Birthday Cake flavor added to their line, my natural reaction was ecstatic joy.

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake Review


Combat Crunch Birthday Cake

Macronutrient Profile

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake

Ingredient List

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake

That joy was well warranted because this bar was INCREDIBLE. Holy ****. I had pretty damn high expectations going into this bar, and I’m happy to report that they were 100% met. Even though this was only my first time trying the Combat Crunch Birthday Cake bar, I can easily say without doubt this a top protein bar all time for me. It has that awesome soft baked texture that all the other Combat Crunch bars do. It’s got a slight crunch and firmness to it, but once it hits your mouth it becomes extremely soft and chewy. It’s pretty hard to describe actually, but it’s an awesome consistency to chew through. The bar has that delicious frosted coating on the outside and the softer, cake-like batter on the onside… It’s excellent. In addition to the amazing texture and taste of the bar itself, there are little sprinkles embezzled throughout. These don’t do a whole lot to overall taste, but it adds an extra, tiny crunch here and there which is nice. If I’m being honest though, this bar didn’t taste very much like birthday cake. It almost has this fruity pebbles/lemony vanilla taste going on with it, it’s kind of hard to describe, but whatever it is… It’s delicious.

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake

Size Comparison

The calories for the Combat Crunch Birthday Cake bar total out to 210 calories consisting of the macros 20p/25c/7f in addition to 12g fiber. I’ve said it previous reviews, but I love how all the Combat Crunch bars have the same exact macros and calories. It makes it super convenient when tracking various flavors into your daily intake.

Combat Crunch Birthday CakeBottom line: The Combat Crunch Birthday Cake bar was absolutely amazing. It’s hard to describe its majestic wonders in a simple review, but I hope I did a decent enough job. Even though I enjoyed this flavor to the utmost degree, I would still say that the Combat Crunch Cinnamon Twist is just a bit better. This is easily one of the best Combat Crunch flavors though, at least in the top 3-4. However, I just found out there is a GNC exclusive flavor ‘chocolate cake’ that I’ve yet to try so that could change things. As far as comparing this to other birthday cake flavors… I’ll have to try this one and the Oh Yeah! One birthday cake at the same time to really compare, but my first thought is that this was almost as good as the One version, which I absolutely loved and also gave an A+ rating to. I think the actual birthday cake flavor is better and more accurate on the One bar, but the Combat Crunch has the more enjoyable texture to chew through. Your mileage may vary, so I would definitely recommend trying out both to see which one you prefer. I enjoy both SO much though that they’re both going to be in my constant protein bar rotation; there’s just no way I could be forced to pick one or the other. And neither should you.

Combat Crunch Birthday Cake

I feel like it’s my 7th birthday all over again.


+AWESOME taste

+12g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-It ended too soon


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A



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