Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie Review

Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

I love brownies. I love Combat Crunch bars. The Combat Crunch chocolate brownie flavor seemed right up my alley so of course I purchased it without hesitation. I’m glad I did.

Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie Review


Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

Macronutrient Profile

Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

Ingredient List

Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

Chocolatey. If I had to use one word to describe this bar, that would definitely be it. This bar doesn’t really do anything unique with the brownie flavor, but it makes a very enjoyable chocolatey taste that is a delight to chew through. While the taste didn’t exactly scream ‘brownie’ to me when I ate it, the chocolate taste it does have is really delicious. The soft baked texture of the Combat Crunch bar make this a more than suitable alternative to Quest’s chocolate brownie flavor. While the chocolate flavor of those two bars are slightly different, in my opinion I think they are on a similar level in regards to how much I enjoyed the taste. However, I think the texture of the Combat Crunch bar puts it slightly ahead of Quest.

Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

Size Comparison

The Combat Crunch chocolate brownie flavor totals out to 210 calories consisting of the macros 20p/25c/7f in addition to 12g fiber. These are literally the same exact macros as all the other Combat Crunch flavors, so no surprises here. I really love the fact how all their flavors have the same nutritional profile; it makes it way easier and more convenient when I’m tracking their various flavors in my daily macros.Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

I greatly enjoyed my experience with the Combat Crunch chocolate brownie bar. While it didn’t taste exactly like a brownie, the chocolate flavor it did have was totally on point and tasted awesome. The texture of this bar make it stand out amongst other brand’s chocolate brownie bars as well. Out of the six Combat Crunch flavors that I’ve tried so far (have yet to try birthday cake which I’ve heard is their best though), I would probably rank this one in the 3-4 range. I really liked it, but it just wasn’t as good as the cinnamon twist which is GODLY. After that it’s hard to narrow down, but the white chocolate raspberry/cookie dough/chocolate brownie would probably follow in some type of order. If you’re a huge chocolate lover like me and/or have enjoyed other Combat Crunch flavors, definitely give this one a shot!

Combat Crunch Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate heaven.


+GREAT chocolate taste

+12g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Could maybe use some mix-ins


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A



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