Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa Review

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa

It is becoming more and more apparent that that this brand can literally do no wrong when it comes to ice cream. The Enlightened frozen hot cocoa is a wonderful sensation of flavors and is a welcome addition in their line of ice cream pints.

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa Review


Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa

Macronutrient Profile

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa

Ingredient List

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa

To chocolate lovers again- you’re going to love the Enlightened frozen hot cocoa. Very similar flavor to the triple chocolate in all honesty, but the frozen hot cocoa contains marshmallow swirls instead of fudge swirls like in the other. That’s just about the only difference as far as I remember though, they both have a delicious chocolate base featured with small chocolate chips scattered throughout the pint. The marshmallow swirl is excellent; very tasty and fairly abundant. To determine what flavor you’re going to like more is really going to just come down to if you prefer marshmallow swirls or fudge swirls.

Enlightened Frozen Hot CocoaOne WHOLE PINT of Enlightened frozen hot cocoa totals out to 360 calories consisting of the macros 28p/72c/10f in addition to 20g of fiber. These are some of the better macros/calories of all Enlightened flavors so that’s a definite plus. Also, this puts this flavor at the EXACT same macros and calories as the triple chocolate flavor, making them nearly identical and really just a matter of swirl preference. It’s super hard for me to pick between the two as I enjoy both swirls an extreme amount; I think I would get both again on a fairly equal ratio just to always keep it fresh.

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa

The abundance of marshmallow swirls is breathtaking…

Like all the other flavors of this brand, I immensely enjoyed the Enlightened frozen hot cocoa flavor. The macros are excellent and the flavor is one of the better tasting ones. It is seriously SO difficult to rank them after the peanut butter chocolate chip (which is #1) though. I think I have enjoyed the sea salt caramel the least amount so far, but it’s also the lowest amount of calories at 320 per pint. I still have the chocolate mint flavor left to try as the last one remaining, and I’m anticipating to like this the least amount just because I don’t care too much for chocolate mint as a flavor in general. Overall, though this flavor gets a two thumbs up and is an easy recommendation once again.

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa

Note the marshmallow swirl and the chocolate chips.


+360 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+28g protein

+20g fiber

+Taste is ABSOLUTELY on point



-Little higher calories compared to competition


Recommended: YES

Overall Rating: A+


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