Enlightened Mint Chocolate Review

Enlightened Mint Chocolate

Ah… The last of the this brand’s flavors ends with the Enlightened Mint Chocolate. I’m not sure which is sadder… The fact that this is the last flavor of this amazing line of ice cream pints, or the fact that I saved the flavor that I was bound to like the least amount for last.

Enlightened Mint Chocolate Review


Enlightened Mint Chocolate

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Enlightened Mint Chocolate

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Enlightened Mint Chocolate

My anticipation was correct. While the Enlightened mint chocolate wasn’t bad by any means, I can without a doubt say that this was my least favorite flavor out of all the Enlightened ice cream pints. It was definitely good for what it was though. If mint chocolate is one of your favorite flavors of ice cream in general, then there’s a very strong chance that you’ll really love this flavor; it nails the flavor pretty damn well. Mint chocolate is just not one of my favorites though, and I can honestly say I would NEVER go into an ice cream shop and walk out with a mint chocolate flavor of some sort with all the other unique and delicious tastes to try. There are no swirls in this pint, which is kind of let down as well. There are a lot of small, crunchy chocolate chips littered throughout the pint that do add a nice textural change though.

Enlightened Mint ChocolateOne WHOLE PINT of Enlightened mint chocolate totals out to 360 calories consisting of the macros 28p/68c/12f in addition to 20g of fiber. Solid macros all around and some of the best on the line. It has the same amount of calories as the triple chocolate and the frozen hot cocoa flavors, and the only flavor that has less is the sea salt caramel.

Enlightened Mint Chocolate

It may have seemed like I was bashing it earlier, but I really did enjoy the Enlightened mint chocolate flavor. It was still all around a delicious experience and deserves a high ranking. However with that being said, it was easily my least favorite flavor out of the whole Enlightened line. I can’t say I can ever justify myself purchasing this specific flavor again. While it does have less calories than the best tasting flavors, it also has the same amount of calories as the triple chocolate and frozen hot cocoa which I definitely enjoyed more, and even has more than the sea salt caramel which I also enjoyed a bit more. If you love mint chocolate as a flavor then this will likely be different for you and you’re going to love this and want to buy it again I’m sure. If you’re like me though and aren’t the biggest fan of mint chocolate, then you’ll probably share my opinion.

Enlightened Mint Chocolate



+360 calories for WHOLE PINT

+28g protein

+20g fiber

+Great, minty taste



-Little higher in calories compared competition


Recommended: Yes, but if you’re not a huge fan of mint chocolate I would never recommend this over the other Enlightened flavors

Overall Rating: B+


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