Enlightened Triple Chocolate Review

Enlightened Triple Chocolate

I can’t say enough good things about this brand of ice cream, and the Enlightened triple chocolate flavor continues to prove why. Enlightened is really making their mark as the top ‘protein ice cream’ out there, and I’m more than okay with that.

Enlightened Triple Chocolate Review


Enlightened Triple Chocolate

Macronutrient Profile

Enlightened Triple Chocolate

Ingredient List

Enlightened Triple Chocolate

Chocolate lovers- this will be your ****. The Enlightened triple chocolate is absolutely jam packed with chocolatey flavor from a variety of mediums. The chocolate base is pretty damn tasty on its own right, but the flavor is really amplified by the chocolate chips and fudge swirls that are decorated throughout the pint. The chocolate chips, while small in size, add a nice crunchy texture to the creamier ice cream. The real highlights of this flavor are the fudge swirls though… And what highlights they are. These swirls are GODLY in taste; fudge in its purest form is a beautiful thing. The swirls were spread pretty evenly as well. There might have been a bit more at the bottom to end the experience on a high note, but you can see from the pictures that even upon first opening the pint, you’re met with a gorgeous sight of a very visible fudge swirl.

Enlightened Triple ChocolateOne WHOLE PINT of the Enlightened triple chocolate totals out to 360 calories with the macros of 28p/72c/10f in addition to 20g of fiber. One of the lower calorie flavors from the Enlightened brand (by a whole whopping 40 calories) so it has that going for it, plus the fat is on the lower side as well. Even though the peanut butter flavor only has 40 more calories in the whole pint, it also has double the amount of fat so it can make that specific flavor a bit harder to fit in with the macros. This flavor has a pretty good ratio between all three macronutrients so it makes it more likely to revisit this one when in caloric deficit.

Enlightened Triple Chocolate

Holy fudge.

After trying a few of their other flavors, I wasn’t expecting NOT to love the Enlightened triple chocolate, so I’m glad to confirm that my expectations were met and this flavor in indeed excellent. At this point I’ve tried the flavors peanut butter chocolate chip, cookie dough, caramel oatmeal cookie crunch, sea salt caramel and now the triple chocolate. I think I still have to say the peanut butter chocolate chip is my favorite, but I would say this flavor is tied for 2nd with the cookie dough and caramel oatmeal cookie crunch. The only flavors I have left to try are the chocolate mint and the frozen hot cocoa; I’m not the biggest mint fan but I’m expecting a lot from the frozen hot cocoa. This is an easy recommendation for all flexible dieters though, and an absolute must have for chocaholics.

Enlightened Triple Chocolate

One bite of heavenly bliss.


+360 calories for WHOLE PINT

+28g protein

+20g fiber




-Little higher calories compared to competition


Recommended: YES

Overall Rating: A+


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