Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

Ever since Quest bars came out, there’s been a lot of imitators trying to follow their success with similar products. Other protein bars were forced to step up their game in regards to protein sources, fiber content, taste and overall nutrition really. Some managed to accomplish that while being completely different from Quest bars, having their own unique textures, consistencies and whatnot. MuscleTech however, did not try that hard with their Mission1 bars to be different. The taste, the macros, the texture, even the name are all obviously inspired by Quest. I mean, Quest… Mission… Really? These bars are almost exact copies of Quest bars and deserve the comparisons more than any other brand. Just because it’s been done before though, doesn’t mean it can’t be done better. So how exactly does MuscleTech’s version stack up? Are they worth the purchase over Quest? Dive deeper and read my Mission1 cookie dough review to find out my thoughts.

Mission1 Cookie Dough Review


Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

Macronutrient Profile

Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

Ingredient List

Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

Short answer… No. They aren’t bad at all, and probably would have garnered a lot of attention if they came out before Quest, but the fact of the matter is that Quest came first, and came better. These are certainly better tasting than most other protein bars before the Quest era though. The actual bar is maybe a bit more slender and thinner than Quest’s cookie dough bar, so it honestly didn’t feel quite as filling. The base flavor and texture of the bar is very similar to Quest, maybe a tad less enjoyable but overall it’s very comparable. Where this bar really falls short though is the chocolate mix-ins. In the Quest bar, there are HUGE dark chocolate chunks that are super flavorful and abundant. Those dark chocolate chunks contribute a lot to the overall taste of the bar and really complement the softer texture and taste of the bar itself. The Mission1 cookie dough bar lacks the massive chocolate chunks and have these really small chocolate chips spread throughout the bar instead… These are largely unimpressive. They’re so small that you barely even notice when you’re biting one so the texture isn’t really affected for the better, and it’s just basic chocolate that isn’t flavorful enough to really change or add much to the base flavor of the bar. You basically forget that those ‘mix-in’s are even there since they add absolutely nothing to the bar, and in result the bar itself isn’t too exciting.

Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

Size Comparison

The Mission1 cookie dough bar totals out to 210 calories consisting of the macros 21p/21c/8g fat in addition to 17g fiber. Even though the bar is a complete copy of Quest and the taste isn’t as good, I do have to say that the nutritional profile and the macros are excellent, and in some ways even better than Quest’s cookie dough bar. The Quest version has only 190 calories and 20g carbs which are lower, but it also has 9g fat and only 14g fiber. Due to the overall calories being lower, I am more likely to return to Quest regardless, but the higher fiber and lower fat was nice to see on this one.

Mission1 Cookie Dough ReviewThe Mission1 bar was not a bad take on a Quest bar. While they are extremely similar in a lot of regards, they do have some slight differences as well. For the most part though, I felt like most of the differences were better on Quest’s end. If Mission1 bar’s were ridiculously cheaper then I would MAYBE see the justification in the occasional repurchase, but seeing as how Quest bars have dropped down in price over the years and aren’t THAT much more expensive, I’ll gladly pay the extra 20-40 cents for a superior tasting product. It’s hard to really recommend this bar because even though the nutritional profile and the macros are outstanding, Quest just does everything it does but better. At least other protein bars like Combat Crunch, Oh Yeah! One, B Up, etc. that have similar nutrition have huge differences in their taste and texture. I’ve already implied this but just to end my Mission1 cookie dough review with the bottom line: this bar is a direct copy of Quest bar, just a slightly worse one.

Mission1 Cookie Dough Review

It’s no Quest bar.


+17g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Better cookie dough bars out there

-Higher calories than Quest, not as tasty


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: B



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