Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

This was the second Mission1 bar that I tried after being introduced to their line with their cookie dough flavor. I enjoyed the bar to an extent, however it was a direct copy of Quest’s cookie dough bar, just not as tasty. I was expecting to experience a similar result with this flavor in comparison to Quest’s version, but there was only one way to find out. If you’re curious to see how this take stacks up to Quest, hesitate no further and read my Mission1 cookies & cream review.

Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review


Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

Macronutrient Profile

Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

Ingredient List

Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

I’ll start by saying this; I do think it does stack up better than their cookie dough flavor at least. I still think the Quest cookies & cream flavor is better than this bar though, but it was a narrower gap compared to the cookie dough flavor. The base flavor and texture of the bar is really comparable again and there’s not a whole lot of difference going on there. Following suit of the cookie dough flavor, where this bar really loses against Quest are the mix-ins. The Quest bar has huge cookie chunks and solidified cream chunks that really give the bar its amazing taste. The Mission1 bar has cookie and cream mix-ins as well, but they’re not nearly as big so they don’t have the same impact on taste or texture. There are a lot of cookie pieces I will say, but they’re not as crunchy or big as Quest’s ones are, so in result they don’t contribute as much to taste. There are tiny chunks of cream as well, but they’re so small and that you don’t even notice when you’re having one really. When it all comes together it does add a slight cream taste to the bar, but not as intense as the creaminess in Quest’s version.

Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

Size Comparison

The Mission1 cookies & cream bar totals out 200 calories consisting of the macros 21p/22c/7f in addition to 17g fiber. A little bit higher in calories compared to Quest (by a whopping 10), but also 3g more fiber and less fat. Excellent nutritional profile and macros all around, and just as comparable to Quest.

Mission1 Cookies & Cream ReviewOverall, I felt very similarly after finishing this bar compared to how I felt when I finished their cookie dough flavor. I did enjoy it and thought it was tasty enough, but I just wish I would have a Quest bar instead. With the slightly worse taste and slightly higher calories, and basically all other factors being the exact same, there’s no real reason for me to want to purchase this bar again over Quest’s take on the classic flavor. It is better tasting than most other cookies & cream flavored bars out there, easily, but just not as good Quest which is their direct competition. With that in mind, it’s hard to recommend.

Mission1 Cookies & Cream Review

Lot of chunks, but not as big.


+17g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Pretty good taste



-Higher calories than Quest, not as tasty


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B+



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