Peanut Butter Complete Cookie Review

Peanut Butter Complete Cookie

The second product that I tried from Lenny & Larry’s line was the Peanut Butter Complete Cookie. I really enjoyed their snickerdoodle cookie, so I was excited to see how this one stacked up in comparison. I LOVE peanut butter, so I had high hopes with the flavor.

Peanut Butter Complete Cookie Review


Peanut Butter Complete Cookie

Macronutrient Profile

Peanut Butter Complete Cookie

Ingredient List

Peanut Butter Complete Cookie

The Peanut Butter Complete Cookie was indeed quite delicious so I would say it delivered. The texture was soft just like the snickerdoodle flavor and was really enjoyable to chew through in general. The peanut butter taste was fairly strong, and fairly good.

Peanut Butter Complete Cookie

Size Comparison

The calories for the Peanut Butter Complete Cookie total out to 400 calories per cookie consisting of the macros 16p/54c/14f in addition to 8g fiber. No soy protein in this product either like there are with certain flavors. Technically the cookie is split into two servings, but I find it pretty difficult to save half the cookie for later so I always just eat it all in one sitting. This is a little bit denser than most of the other cookies in the line as well, and almost has double the fat as the snickerdoodle cookie. Even though I did enjoy the flavor, the higher fat would make it hard to revisit as often when on a cut.

Peanut Butter Complete CookieOverall, I did enjoy my experience with this flavor. The peanut butter taste was executed well and the texture is very enjoyable. I would say taste wise this is maybe on par with the snickerdoodle flavor, however with more calories and near double the fat, the peanut butter is definitely edged out in usefulness. I would still buy this cookie again for taste alone, but if I was on lower calories on a cut and wanted to fit in a Lenny and Larry’s cookie, I would likely go for the snickerdoodle flavor instead due to the easier to fit macros.

Peanut Butter Complete Cookie

Peanut buttery goodness.


+16g protein per cookie

+Great taste



-400 calories is a lot

-High in carbs


Recommended: Yes, not when on low calories though

Overall Rating: A-



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