Quest Cinnamon Roll Review

Quest cinnamon roll review

Cinnamon rolls are one of my favorite desserts, so of course I was eager to try this flavor and write this Quest cinnamon roll review. I feel like it’s a pretty hard flavor to mess up, and with Quest’s consistency with their protein bars I thought I had a good chance to enjoy this bar to an extent. Alas, let’s find out for sure.

Quest Cinnamon Roll Review


Quest cinnamon roll review

Macronutrient Profile

Quest cinnamon roll review

Ingredient List

Quest cinnamon roll review

My thoughts were correct as I did enjoy this bar. However, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked. It was good, but not amazing like some of the Quest flavors are. I feel this bar could have benefited more from some type of sugary cinnamon swirls incorporated or something of sorts; the bar in its current standing is purely just cinnamon dough with very small almond (I think?) pieces scattered very scarcely throughout. Not sure why they chose to include that ingredient, it doesn’t do much to the flavor but doesn’t really do anything bad either. I would have preferred more intense cinnamon or sugary mix-ins over the added almond bits, but oh well. This is one Quest bar in particular that tastes especially good when heated up in a microwave for a little bit so it can really emulate that cinnamon roll presence.

Quest cinnamon roll review

Size Comparison

The calories for this bar total out to 170 calories consisting of the macros 20p/23c/7f in addition to 14g fiber. One of the lowest calories and fat content for a Quest bar, so that helps make up for the not quite as flavorful taste and gives some justification in an occasional repurchase.

Quest cinnamon roll reviewThere’s really not much to say in this Quest cinnamon roll review… While the bar is pretty good and I did enjoy it, it’s not one of the best Quest flavors and quite frankly could have been executed better in my opinion. Though it’s not one of the best, it’s definitely not one of the worst either. I’d place it in the middle of the road, maybe barely squeezing in the top 10. If you’re going for an cinnamon flavored protein bar though, I would definitely choose the Combat Crunch cinnamon twist over this any day of the week… That cinnamon flavor can’t be topped.

Quest cinnamon roll review

Not a whole lot going on here.


+14g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Could have been executed better

-Better cinnamon protein bars out there


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B+



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