Victory Cookies & Creme Review

Victory Cookies and Creme

I have found the Victory bars to be fairly average to above average, and I do typically enjoy cookies and crème as a flavor in general. With that being said, I thought I would somewhat enjoy the Victory cookies & crème bar. Unfortunately… This was hardly the case.

Victory Cookies & Creme Review


Victory cookies & creme

Macronutrient Profile

Victory cookies & creme

Ingredient List

Victory cookies & creme

Victory cookies & creme

Size Comparison

I don’t know. I guess I didn’t dislike the Victory cookies & crème bar, but I didn’t particular enjoy it either. It was just kind of there. It looks delicious in appearance, but the flavor does not match at all. The taste was pretty bland and didn’t really have anything special about it. The chocolate chips weren’t bad actually, it’s just the base flavor of the bar itself was not noteworthy in the slightest and that’s what makes the strongest impression on the overall taste.The Victory cookies & crème bar totals out to 200 calories consisting of the macros 21p/27c/7f in addition to 16g fiber. Very similar to the other Victory bars, although this bar has 7g fat instead of 6g fat like most of the others. Considering I’ve liked all the other flavors that I’ve tried better than this one, the 1g of extra fat is not justified in this case.

Victory cookies & cremeGoing off the previous point, this has been my least favorite flavor of this line of protein bars actually despite me normally really enjoying the cookies and crème flavor. The Victory cookies & crème bar just did not live up to expectations though at all. With the average taste and extra 1g of fat, I can’t see why I would ever buy this bar again. The good protein sources and macros are the only things it has going for it, but there are better tasting flavors that do the exact same things.

Victory cookies & creme

Not as good as the chips lead you to believe…


+16g fiber

+Whey protein isolate 



-Way better cookies & cream bars out there

-At best, average taste


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: C



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