Arctic Zero Banana Pudding Review

Arctic Zero Banana Pudding

To say I had low expectations going into the Arctic Zero Banana Pudding pint would be an understatement. Arctic Zero pints are largely hit or miss in general… But mostly miss, and I’m not a fan of banana pudding at all. To make matters worse, while I like bananas on their own, banana based products for sweets would easily be one of my last picks as far as flavoring goes. I honestly kind of expected to hate this flavor, and literally the ONLY reason why I even tried this flavor in the first place was for the purpose of reviewing it for this website. The things I do for you guys…

Arctic Zero Banana Pudding Review


Arctic Zero Banana Pudding

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Arctic Zero Banana Pudding

Arctic Zero Banana Pudding

Yeah… My assumptions were unfortunately correct. I hated the Arctic Zero banana pudding flavor… A lot, actually. So much that I couldn’t even finish the whole pint, and I’m on poverty macros near the end of my contest prep so I’ll basically eat anything at this point. The fact that it’s 300 calories as opposed to 150 makes things even worse, as I would say this has easily been my least favorite flavor of Arctic Zero. This goes without saying, but that’s saying a LOT because Arctic Zero has some ROUGH flavors. The banana flavoring in this pint is just way too overpowering, and it’s a sh*tty imitation of banana in the first place. Even though I may not prefer banana based products, I can usually tell if the actual banana flavor is good or not. This is not. There are some vanilla wafer crumbles as mix-ins in the pint, but they don’t really do a lot. You almost forget they’re even there they’re so uneventful. The vanilla taste isn’t bad but considering you’ll always be eating a piece with a glob of banana ice cream as well, the banana taste completely takes over any remnants of vanilla flavoring that you can’t even taste it anymore. They might have more of an impact if they had more texture or more of a crunch, but they’re so soft that they just blend right in with the smooth ice cream and are completely lost in that banana flavor.

AZBanana2The Arctic Zero banana pudding flavor totals out to 300 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 12p/44c/6f in addition to 12g fiber. One of the lower fat content for their 300 calorie flavors, so that’s cool to see I guess. Considering there is a 0% chance I will ever buy this flavor again though, this is a pretty moot point for me.

I don’t think I need to say much else really. The Arctic Zero banana pudding pint was not good, I would even go so far as to say it was terrible. I guess if you REALLY like banana based products then there’s a small chance you may find some slight enjoyment out of this, but I highly doubt it because I don’t think the banana flavor was executed well regardless, as it’s way too strong and doesn’t take much of it to get sick of the taste. This has easily been my least favorite flavor of Arctic Zero, even in comparison to their 150 calorie flavors. In no way, shape or form do I recommend this.

Arctic Zero Banana Pudding

I couldn’t even take a good picture it was so bad.


+300 calories for the whole pint

+12g protein and 12g fiber for the whole pint



-Absolutely terrible taste, banana flavor is way too overpowering and doesn’t take much to get sick of

-Worst flavor of Arctic Zero, but with more calories


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: D-


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