Arctic Zero Brownie Blast Review

Arctic Zero Brownie Blast

This marks the last of the newest Arctic Zero flavors for me to try. Besides their original line of pints, the newest flavors they released in 2016 were Snickerdoodle Dandy, Banana Pudding, Poppin’ Pomegranate, Cake Batter and of course, Brownie Blast. I’ve somewhat enjoyed every one of these flavors a fair amount (besides the banana pudding which was an abomination) and think they are some of the best the the company has to offer. Based on description I tried to save the best for last, as the Arctic Zero Brownie Blast pint sounded pretty delicious upon first read. ‘Brownie bites and chocolate chips in dark chocolate’… Hell yeah! Dark chocolate is my favorite form of chocolate and two types of mix-ins sounded like it would be awesome for variety’s sake. I know not to get my hopes up with Arctic Zero, but I figured based on the flavoring alone I would at least find this pint moderately enjoyable.

Arctic Zero Brownie Blast Review


Arctic Zero Brownie Blast

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero Brownie Blast

Ingredient List

Arctic Zero Brownie Blast

I usually do get my hopes up when it comes to Arctic Zero, but thankfully that was NOT the case this time. I am very happy to report, and very surprised, that the Arctic Zero Brownie Blast was actually quite delicious. Easily the best flavors hands down, in my opinion. The dark chocolate base is definitely more enjoyable on its own than their chocolate base for their purely chocolate and chocolate peanut butter flavors. As a 150 calorie pint, this would already be one of their best flavors along with Poppin’ Pomegranate. It goes beyond that though by adding both chocolate chips and brownie bites to the mix, which are very welcome additions. The chocolate chips are nothing special in the taste department really, but the crunch they add is awesome to break up the creaminess of the ice cream. The flavor of the mix-ins comes from the brownie bites, which are pretty damn good. They’re not as crunchy and don’t impact the texture as much as the chocolate chips, but they’re more flavorful for sure. The less flavorful, more crunchy chocolate chips combining with the more flavorful, but softer brownie bites create a very elegant combo. It’s great.

Arctic Zero Brownie BlastThe Arctic Zero Brownie Blast flavor totals out to 150 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 12p/44c/6f in addition to 12g fiber. I think this flavor is tied for the lowest fat content out of all their 300 calorie flavors, so that is not only very welcome news but pretty surprising as well considering how flavorful this pint was in comparison to their others. I would repurchase this flavor most often regardless, but the low fat just makes it a no brainer.

My last experience with Arctic Zero’s newest flavors was a huge success. I don’t say this often when reviewing this brand, but I was pleasantly satisfied after finishing the Arctic Zero Brownie Blast pint. The dark chocolate base of the ice cream is some of the best the brand has to offer already, but its just amplified by the crunchiness of the chocolate chips and the stronger chocolatey flavor from the brownie bites. If you’re going for a 300 calorie pint from Arctic Zero, but this is without a doubt the flavor I recommend you try.

Arctic Zero Brownie Blast

The brownie bites are the real deal.


+300 calories for the whole pint

+12g protein, 12g fiber for the whole pint

+Best tasting Arctic Zero flavor out there



-Being the best Arctic Zero flavor isn’t the hardest thing to accomplish


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+


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