Arctic Zero Poppin’ Pomegranate Review

Arctic Zero Poppin' Pomegranate

My overall feelings on Arctic Zero are pretty clear if you’ve read any of my other reviews… Great macros, but sub-par taste at BEST. And that’s being generous. Some flavors are better than others… But yeah. Some of their chunky flavors are somewhat good, but they are also double the calories at 300 per pint. Their creamy flavors have only 150 calories per pint, but I’ve yet to find a flavor with that caloric content that I would eat on its own and not want to mix other things with it. However, that may have finally changed with the Arctic Zero Poppin’ Pomegranate.

Arctic Zero Poppin’ Pomegranate Review


Arctic Zero Poppin' Pomegranate

Macronutrient Profile

Arctic Zero Poppin' Pomegranate

Ingredient List

Arctic Zero Poppin' Pomegranate

I still wouldn’t call it great, but the Arctic Zero Poppin’ Pomegranate was way better than I expected considering I’m not the biggest fan of pomegranates and their 150 calories flavors have been huge letdowns. It definitely has a sweeter, tarty taste to it (I mean obviously), but it actually works in my opinion. In general I find Arctic Zero’s fruitier pints to be better than their more typical ice cream flavors, as far as the 150 calorie pints go. I don’t know, I am 5 weeks out right now so my taste buds are definitely skewed at this point, but I just had the Arctic Zero vanilla maple flavor earlier this week and I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as this one so I think I’m onto something here.

Arctic Zero Poppin' Pomegranate

Lighting makes it look less pink.

The Arctic Zero Poppin’ Pomegranate flavor totals out to 150 calories per pint consisting of the macros 12p/28c/0f in addition to 8g fiber. Same exact macros as all their creamy flavors basically, so no surprises here.

I gotta say, I was definitely surprised to enjoy this flavor as much as I did. I would say the Arctic Zero Poppin’ Pomegranate is easily the best 150 calorie flavor that they have to offer. I really don’t even like pomegranates that much, but for whatever reason this flavor just manages to work. I can’t really explain it, but I think the tartiness of the flavor gives it a way different vibe than the other Arctic Zero flavors, and it’s different for the better in my opinion. For people near the end of a long diet or contest prep, I would actually recommend this flavor if you’re looking for something real low calorie to satisfy a sweet tooth. I mixed this with some fat free whipped cream and some vanilla casein pudding that I make, and it was quite delicious actually.

Arctic Zero Poppin' Pomegranate

Basic looking, but surprisingly decent


+150 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+12g protein, 8g fiber

+Best 150 calorie Arctic Zero flavor



-Still not amazing or as tasty as competition


Recommended: Yes on poverty macros

Overall Rating: C+


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