Birthday Cake Complete Cookie Review

Birthday Cake Complete Cookie

It seems like birthday cake as a flavor is a big trend right now in the health world. Most protein bars, protein shakes and other related items are coming out with their own birthday cake versions nowadays. This is more than fine with me, as I LOVE birthday cake. Naturally, it was a marvelous discovery for myself when I came to find out the existence of the Birthday Cake Complete Cookie.

Birthday Cake Complete Cookie Review


Birthday Cake Complete Cookie

Macronutrient Profile

Birthday Cake Complete Cookie

Ingredient List

Birthday Cake Complete Cookie

Let me start by saying this, I did read some mixed reviews on this flavor before I actually tried it. I’m not sure if it’s either my intense love for birthday cake, the fact that I’m 7 weeks out right now, or a combination of both, but I ended up really enjoying the Birthday Cake Complete Cookie actually! The complaints I read was that it tasted like Play-Doh, but I never really tasted that similarity. Instead to me it tasted like a sugar cookie with a slight vanilla/confetti-like taste. There are some sprinkles as well as one would expect with a birthday cake flavor so you do get that taste here and there, but they’re not too big or crunchy so they’re not extremely noticeable. It’s not the most exciting flavor in regards to array of flavors or mix-ins, and in all honesty the birthday cake flavor could be a bit more accurate, but the flavor it does have is still pretty good and was tasty enough for me to devour the whole thing relatively quickly.

Birthday Cake Complete Cookie

Size Comparison

The entire Birthday Cake Complete Cookie totals out to 360 calories consisting of the macros 16p/54c/8f in addition to 8g fiber. The lowest fat content and overall calories in general of any Complete Cookie flavor is a very welcome sight to see. The serving size is technically ½ a cookie like all of their other flavors as well, but if you’re going big with a cookie, you go BIG and you go all the way in. None of this saving half for later BS.

Birthday Cake Complete CookieI greatly enjoyed my time with the Birthday Cake Complete Cookie, even though I know that’s kind of an unpopular opinion compared to most other reviews that I’ve read online. The actual birthday cake flavor wasn’t entirely spot on, but for what it was, it was good. It wasn’t my absolute favorite flavor in their line, but it was in the top half for sure. Combine that with the fact that it has the lowest fat/calories of any of their flavors as well, and that definitely gives me some reasonings for some repurchases here and there.

Birthday Cake Complete Cookie

Not much to look at really, but pretty good.


+16g protein per cookie, 8g fiber

+Pretty good taste, in my opinion

+Lowest calories/fat of all Complete Cookie flavors



-Still high in calories regardless, and in carbs

-Flavor could be executed better


Recommended: Yes in a caloric surplus

Overall Rating: B+



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