Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll Review

Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll

Cellucor’s protein bars have been absolutely awesome so far, I’ve really loved both flavors that I’ve tried which have been the cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter. I believe they have a fourth flavor that I’ve yet to see in stores, but the Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll bar marks the last one in my current possession to try. Based on how good their other two flavors were, I had some high expectations going into this.

Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll Review


Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll

Macronutrient Profile

Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll

Ingredient List

Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll

Expectations were again met, and Cellucor continues to really impress with their new protein bars. The Cor-Sport cinnamon roll bar was an absolute DELIGHT and easily one of the very best cinnamon flavored protein bars out there. First thing to note, it has an extremely aesthetic appearance. Presentation factor is again on point like their chocolate peanut butter flavor, but even more so this time. You’ll see the bar has multiple layers which not only provide different tastes, but different textures as well considering some layers are crunchier/softer than others. The bottom layer is a greek yogurt frosted coating which is very creamy, and the top layer contains the intense cinnamon flavor which is more chewy in comparison. To top it all off, there are multiple mix-ins inside the bar as well. There are some small whey protein crisps that do what their name implies (apply some slight crispiness here and there) as well as some almond bits, which I will admit is a bit random. Not that almonds are bad, but I don’t think they really belong in a cinnamon flavored protein bar. Thankfully, they don’t do much to the actual flavor and really just provide a nice crunch here and there more than anything, so their inclusion isn’t a negative. The variety of flavors and textures REALLY come together to create one AMAZING experience.

Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll

Size Comparison

The Cor-Sport cinnamon roll flavor totals out to 250 calories consisting of the macros 20p/26c/9f in addition to 10g fiber. Unfortunately, this is their most dense flavor in regards to caloric content, which is a shame because it just might be their best tasting one as well. As far as protein bars with good macros and low calories go, this specific flavor straddles that line pretty closely but it’s still fairly workable. Perhaps the most unfortunate part though is that I’m pretty sure this flavor only has more calories than their others due to the inclusion of almonds which are fatty and caloric dense. The almonds are my least favorite component of this bar, so I would have much preferred that they just would have left them out in the first place to lower the caloric content a tad.

Cor-Sport Cinnamon RollAfter my third experience with Cellucor’s protein bars, I’m completely sold. They answered the game’s call and made more than a splash as their bars can contend with the very best. The Cor-Sport cinnamon roll flavor did not disappoint at all and was just as good as their other flavors, maybe even their best. It’s really hard to decide between this and the chocolate peanut butter flavor. However even though they were near equal from an enjoyability standpoint, I will most likely return to the chocolate peanut butter flavor over this one. That one was just more unique as it was the best chocolate peanut butter protein bar out there, and if I’m being completely honest, while this bar was absolutely delicious, I still don’t think it was quite as good as the cinnamon twist bar from Combat Crunch. The Cor-Sport bar has more texture and flavors to work with, but the flavor of the cinnamon twist bar is just so insane on its own that that’s all it needs. The Combat Crunch bar also has less calories and fat too which is also a pretty big advantage. They are so close though that I could see how some people would prefer this flavor instead, especially if you love almonds and a variety of textures. Really just depends on your personal preferences, so I recommend this flavor 100% to try out and decide for yourself.

Cor-Sport Cinnamon Roll

A sensation of flavors.


+Overall, incredible tasting bar

+10g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-250 calories is getting up there


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+


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