Enlightened Mesquite BBQ Crisps Review

Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps

My first experience with these crisps came with their sriracha flavor. While they were great overall from an enjoyability standpoint and good macros, I thought the actual sriracha flavor could have been executed a little bit better. I was hoping the seasoning on the Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps would be a tad better as I am a big fan of the flavor in general, only one way to find out though.

Enlightened Mesquite BBQ Crisps Review


Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps

Macronutrient Profile

Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps

Ingredient List

Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps

First impression is definitely positive; I do think the seasoning was pulled off more accurately in this product. It has that nice sweetness to it that you expect with the mesquite flavor, but still retains onto a smoky BBQ aspect. It’s pretty great honestly. The texture of these ‘crisps’ aren’t exactly crispy I would say, but they do have a clear crunch and hardness to them. They’re not crispy like a potato chip; they’re kinda like a slightly less crunchy corn nut.

The Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps total out to 100 calories per serving consisting of the macros 7p/15c/2.5f in addition to 3g fiber. The serving sizes go by weight as opposed to number of pieces, which is pretty annoying and inconvenient considering you have to break out the scale… However, it’s also far more accurate that way so even though it may be tedious, at least you know you’re getting the right macros.

I think the Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps were an improvement over their sriracha flavor for sure. Your mileage may vary, but as a general flavor I like mesquite BBQ and sriracha about equal, I just thought that for this product the mesquite BBQ flavor was executed more faithfully. Flavor aside, as a savory snack with good macros, this is all around a solid product. There’s not as many savory snacks out there high in protein like there are sweet snacks, so this is an easy recommendation if you’re looking for something in that vein.

Enlightened Mesquite BBQ crisps

Tasty mesquite flavor.


+Great tasting, savory snack

+7g protein, 3g fiber per serving



-Serving size comes in weight which makes measuring tedious (but more accurate)


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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