Fit Elite Cookie Dough Review

Fit Elite Cookie Dough

At this point being 7 weeks out from my first bodybuilding contest of the season and on some pretty extreme calories/macros, I like to torture myself sometimes by watching the Food Network fairly often. There is just something oddly satisfying about watching a bunch of foods that you aren’t able to eat right now, but will be able to one day. Making up a to-do list (or to-eat) list in your head can be kind of fun. With that being said, I’m no stranger to many of the Food Network’s hosts as I feel like they’re a part of my own family at this point, and Robert Irvine is no exception. He’s the jacked chef with the glasses, I’m sure many of you have at least seen his face somewhere before (I mean he does put it on all of his products). Naturally, it only makes sense that he’s targeted the protein bar industry as well with his obvious passion for fitness. He’s a pretty damn good chef clearly, good enough to get his own shows at least. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about his Fit Crunch bars and how they are potentially the best tasting protein bars in the game, however they’re also extremely dense with calories and fat in comparison to other protein bars so I’ve had to hold off on trying those for now since I just can’t really fit them in my current poverty macros. In addition to his Fit Crunch line, he also has his Fit Elite line which finally brings us back up to speed with the point of this review. The Fit Elite bars are a lot less calories and fat compared to his Fit Crunch bars, so way more macro friendly all around. I was skeptical about the taste due to the awesome macros and low fat, but only one way to find out like I always say. I tried the Fit Elite cookie dough flavor as my introduction to the brand.

Fit Elite Cookie Dough Review


Fit Elite Cookie Dough

Macronutrient Profile

Fit Elite Cookie Dough

Ingredient List

Fit Elite Cookie Dough

And what a terrible introduction it was. The Fit Elite cookie dough bar looks extremely rough around the edges in appearance on first glance; for a dude that is always getting on others about the presentation of their products, he did not practice what he preached with this bar as it looks pretty messy. That could be forgiven if the taste was on point… But it’s not. I’m not sure if it’s just this specific flavor that’s bad or if all the flavors in the Fit Elite are similar in quality, but I did not really enjoy this bar. I tried to convince myself with the first couple bites that it was pretty good, but as I got deeper into it I just couldn’t shake the harsh reality anymore that Robert Irvine did not deliver with this. There was some type of weird after taste with this bar that just got stronger and stronger the more I ate, it almost reminded me of some form of house hold cleaner or something. Yikes… Definitely not a good thing. The texture of the bar just seemed liked a crappier version of Quest, and there wasn’t really any mix-ins to elevate the lackluster of the flavor of the bar itself.

Fit Elite Cookie Dough

Size Comparison

Now, after my overwhelming negative feedback so far on this bar… It does have some major positives. The macros. Irvine clearly created this bar with the goal in mind of making a more macro friendly option for protein bars in comparison to his Fit Crunch bars which are quite dense, at the expense of flavor and taste of course. The calories for the the Fit Elite cookie dough bars total out to 180 calories consisting of the macros 20p/24c/5f in addition to 15g fiber. Easily one of the best nutritional profiles in the whole game for protein bars. Very, very few protein bars have 5g of fat or less; in fact I think this is only the second protein bar I’ve ever ever seen that had a high protein/fiber count, but less than 6g fat. The taste reflects that, unfortunately, but it doesn’t take away how convenient it is.

Fit Elite Cookie DoughAll in all, I was definitely let down by the Fit Elite cookie dough bar, especially after hearing such great things about the Fit Crunch bars which also come from Robert Irvine. I get that he was trying to make a more macro friendly version of protein bars, but he failed in regards to the taste with his attempt. Despite the great macros and low fat, I can’t really recommend this bar when there are so much better tasting options out there.

Fit Elite Cookie Dough

Mediocrity at best.


-15g fiber

-Whey protein isolate

-5g fat is low



-Tastes pretty bad to be honest

-You expect more from Robert Irvine


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: C-



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