Halo Top Chocolate Review

Halo Top Chocolate

Ah, finally getting around to reviewing Halo Top. I’m no stranger to their products as I had some of their flavors a couple years ago, but of course I needed a memory refresher for this website. From what I remember though, their ice cream was LIGHTYEARS ahead of Arctic Zero as far as taste goes and I really enjoyed them. Enlightened ice cream wasn’t yet out at the time, so I’m curious to see if the Halo Top Chocolate pint will stand the test of time first of all and how it will compare to the new powerhouse that is Enlightened.

Halo Top Chocolate Review


Halo Top Chocolate

Macronutrient Profile

Halo Top Chocolate

Ingredient List

Halo Top Chocolate

The Halo Top Chocolate flavor did indeed stand the test of time, it’s still delicious to this day. I mean it’s no Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen Dazs as far as taste goes considering those are literally 4-5x the calories, but for being as healthy as it with the low calories and high protein/fiber, Halo Top is damn good. The chocolatey flavor is excellent and finds that nice balance between having a strong chocolate taste, but not being too overpowering or rich with it. The texture is kind of hard to explain. It’s not as creamy as normal ice cream, but it’s certainly not as ‘flavored ice reminiscent’ as Arctic Zero is. It’s most similar to Enlightened, and I would even say it resembles real ice cream a little bit more than even Enlightened does. However, there is one vital flaw with Halo Top that gives Enlightened the edge over it in my opinion; there are no mix-ins. While the chocolate flavor is awesome by itself, it could really be elevated by some form of crunch for added texture, like chocolate chips or something. I realize that would increase the calories a tad, but I wouldn’t mind having the option for a higher calorie Halo Top flavor if it meant having some mix-ins included.

Halo Top ChocolateThe Halo Top Chocolate pint totals out to 240 calories for the entire pint consisting of the macros 24p/56c/8f in addition to 20g fiber. This goes without saying… But seriously INCREDIBLE macros and overall nutritional profile for a pint of ice cream. As far as macros/calories go, Halo Top is right in the middle of their competition. They have higher calories than Arctic Zero, but less than Enlightened. The taste is far superior to Arctic Zero so those extra calories are justified, and while it may not be quite as good as most Enlightened pints, the lower calories do make it easier to fit in during a cut, and it’s almost as good anyway. It really just depends on how much value you place on the mix-ins.

Overall, the Halo Top Chocolate pint was an amazing product and I can definitely see myself revisiting it on occasion. The flavor is great for how healthy it is, as it it actually resembles ice cream to an extent. Still not as flavorful as the real deal clearly, but for ΒΌ the calories, I’ll gladly take it. It’s a nice middle ground as far as taste/caloric content goes between Arctic Zero and Enlightened. Better than Arctic Zero, but more calories. Not as good as Enlightened, but less calories. It depends on the exact situation you’re in, but I can definitely recommend this product from an enjoyability standpoint.

Halo Top Chocolate

Not much to look at, but very tasty.


+240 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+24g protein, 20g fiber for the whole pint

+Great, chocolatey taste



-Some mix-ins would have been nice


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-


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