Halo Top Strawberry Review

Halo Top Strawberry

The Halo Top Strawberry flavor is one of their few flavors that contains 28 calories 0 per pint instead of their usual 240. An extra 40 calories really isn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but considering people normally only choose Halo Top because they’re closely watching calories in the first place, it is kind of a big deal when you consider things that way. Let’s find out if the extra calories are justified.

Halo Top Strawberry Review


Halo Top Strawberry

Ingredient List

Halo Top Strawberry

Macronutrient Profile

Halo Top Strawberry

I’ll start things off by saying that regardless of caloric content, the Halo Top Strawberry flavor is pretty damn good. I really enjoy strawberry flavored ice cream as I find it very refreshing, and this definitely hits that spot. It has the same texture as their other two flavors; very soft and creamy unlike Arctic Zero. However, seeing as how the texture is essentially the same as their 240 calorie flavors and there are no mix-ins in the pint, I’m a little confused as to where the extra 40 calories come from. I don’t really see how strawberry flavoring could contain that much more calories than chocolate flavoring, especially considering I didn’t really think the strawberry flavor was that much stronger or richer in comparison anyway.

Halo Top StrawberryThe Halo Top Strawberry flavor totals out to 280 calories for the entire pint consisting of the macros 24p/60c/8f in addition to 20g fiber. As previously mentioned, I’m not really sure why this specific flavor has 40 more calories than their chocolate/vanilla bean/lemon cake flavors. If it contained some tiny strawberry pieces, a strawberry swirl, or something similar then I could see that. In its current state though, I don’t think the extra 40 calories are really justified unless you REALLY prefer the taste of strawberry considerably more than chocolate/vanilla/lemon cake.

Once again, Halo Top doesn’t disappoint. Their strawberry flavor was delicious, and I have absolutely no complaints from an overall flavor standpoint. I’ve basically spent the entire review complaining about this fact, but again, my only real gripe is that this flavor contains 40 more calories than most of their other flavors, and I don’t really know why. There are no mix-ins and the flavor isn’t really any stronger. I liked this about as equal as their chocolate/vanilla bean flavor, maybe a TAD more, but not by enough to reflect in the rating. It’s a very enjoyable product there’s no doubt about that, but seeing as how I’m normally choosing Halo Top because I’m trying to limit my overall calories, then I’m more likely to go back to their 240 calorie flavors instead. I still recommend this though, as regardless the macros are excellent for a pint of ice cream and it’s definitely the best tasting, macro friendly strawberry ice cream out there considering Enlightened hasn’t released any type of strawberry flavor.

Halo Top Strawberry

Delicious take on the classic flavor.


+280 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+24g protein, 20g fiber for the whole pint

+Strawberry flavor is executed very well



-Could use some mix-ins

-40 more calories than most other Halo Top flavors


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-


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