Halo Top Vanilla Bean Review

Halo Top Vanilla Bean

While I’ve had their chocolate flavor numerous times in the past, I can’t say that I’ve ever had the Halo Top Vanilla Bean flavor before. I’m typically more of a chocolate guy than a vanilla guy, but sometimes I do get in the rare mood for the simplicity of vanilla. Naturally I decided to try this one out on of those days where I was feeling that type of way.

Halo Top Vanilla Bean Review


Halo Top Vanilla Bean

Macronutrient Profile

Halo Top Vanilla Bean

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Halo Top Vanilla Bean

Definitely a good decision, as I thoroughly enjoyed what the Halo Top Vanilla Bean pint had to offer me. It didn’t offer me anything complex or game changing, but what it did give me was a delicious, healthy take on vanilla bean ice cream packed with protein and fiber. Due to the ‘bean’ part of the flavor, you can see the little black specks throughout the ice cream which is pretty cool and affects the vanilla taste in a small way. Whether you prefer the taste of classic vanilla or vanilla bean is entirely subjective, but I like them both pretty equally so this flavor worked fine for me. Like Halo Top’s other flavors, there are no mix-ins unfortunately so the pint is somewhat boring, but the base flavor is good enough that it’s still enjoyable to devour through.

Halo Top Vanilla BeanThe Halo Top Vanilla Bean flavors totals out to 240 calories for the entire pint consisting of the macros 24p/56c/8f in addition to 20g fiber. These are the same exact macros as their chocolate flavor, which means that they’re every bit as amazing as those ones are. For a pint of ice cream, these are incredible. They’re a bit higher than Arctic Zero, but quite a bit lower than Enlightened.

All in all, a great experience. I would say I enjoyed the Halo Top Vanilla Bean flavor just about as equally as I did their chocolate flavor actually. I would maybe prefer the chocolate pint more days than the vanilla just because I’m typically craving something chocolatey rather than vanilla, but from a flavor standpoint they are pretty equal and executed to about the same degree. You obviously can’t knock the macros on this product, which are nothing short of extraordinary. It does have higher calories than Arctic Zero, but the taste is also a LOT better as well. Still not as tasty as Enlightened (less calories though) in my opinion, but as of now Enlightened doesn’t have any basic vanilla flavors so if you’re someone who just prefers your ice cream to be plain old vanilla, then look no further.

Halo Top Vanilla Bean

Classic vanilla bean ice cream.


+240 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+24g protein, 20g fiber for the whole pint

+Vanilla bean flavor is executed well



-With no mix-ins, can be kind of boring


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-


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