Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin Review

Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin

FlapJacked has really impressed me with their Mighty Muffins so far. I’ve only tried their double chocolate and s’mores flavors at this point, but both of them were excellent. I generally enjoy pumpkin flavored products so I figured the Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin would be no exception.

Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin Review


Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin

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Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin

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Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin

And no exception it was. The Mighty Muffin maple pumpkin was DELICIOUS and definitely nailed that pumpkin flavor pretty perfectly. The flavor of the muffin itself has a nice pumpkin spice taste to it which is amplified by the inclusion of tiny maple drops of condensed sugar. These little maple drops not only add a good crunch to offset the smoother texture of the muffin, but they are very sugary and flavorful. Like all their other muffins, it looks a little more ‘aesthetic’ if you cook it longer but for flavor purposes, I like to undercook it a bit so it’s a bit more doughy/gooey at the bottom of the container. Getting some of those maple drops with the doughy pumpkin batter is a little taste of heaven each time.

Mighty Muffin Maple PumpkinThe Mighty Muffin maple pumpkin flavor totals out to 200 calories consisting of the macros 20p/24c/4f in addition to 6g fiber. Damn, these are some GREAT macros. I believe this flavor has the lowest fat and lowest calories out of all the Mighty Muffin flavors, and considering it tastes as good as it does, this definitely warrants some repurchases over other flavors more often.

Once again, FlapJacked has another hit on their hands with the Mighty Muffin maple pumpkin flavor. The pumpkin taste was authentic, and the maple flavor with the sugary mix-ins was incredible and just icing on the cake. With that being said I don’t think I enjoyed this as much as their double chocolate flavor just because I’m a chocolate fiend, but I did like this a little bit more than their s’mores flavor actually, which is kind of surprising for me because I generally prefer s’mores over pumpkin as far as flavors go. Due to the very low fat and low calories of this muffin, I could see myself often coming back to this flavor, even over the double chocolate because of the half the fat content. I’ll have to try their other three flavors to say for sure but this seems to be a top offering in the Mighty Muffin line and an easy recommendation.

Mighty Muffin Maple Pumpkin

Fall is in the air.


+Excellent maple and pumpkin flavors

+20g protein, 6g fiber

+Lowest fat of all Mighty Muffins at 4g

+Whey protein isolate



-Easy to eat quickly


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A



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