Mission1 Chocolate Brownie Review

Mission1 Chocolate Brownie

This marks the last of the three flavors in MuscleTech’s Mission1 line for me to try. I’ve found these protein bars to be pretty tasty actually, but they’re blatant rip-offs on Quest bars from the texture/taste down to the name itself. I found the cookie dough and cookies & cream flavors to hold up fairly well, but not quite as good as Quest bar. Is the Mission1 Chocolate Brownie flavor doomed to suffer the same fate as its brethren? Or will it emerge victorious with its first triumph against the juggernaut Quest?

Mission1 Chocolate Brownie Review


Mission1 Chocolate Brownie

Macronutrient Profile

Mission1 Chocolate Brownie

Ingredient List

Mission1 Chocolate Brownie

I had some cool analogy thought out about David beating Goliath despite the overwhelming odds and etc., but then I quickly realized while Mission1 bars might be an underdog compared to Quest bars, MuscleTech as a whole company is by no means the smaller fish in the sea compared to Quest. If anything, Quest is the underdog. But yeah, back to my point with this. This is the first and only flavor where I think Mission1 actually reigns superior over Quest. They both taste extremely similar from a flavor standpoint, but the Mission1 bar is a tad softer in texture. If you’re one of those people who heats up your Quest bars then this is a pretty mute point, but if you’re like me and just eat the bars at room temperature, then Mission1 has the more enjoyable texture in my opinion. Besides softness, the only other thing where the Mission1 Chocolate Brownie bar has a small advantage over Quest is its inclusion of chocolate chips. They aren’t the best tasting chocolate chips I’ve ever had and aren’t too big or crunchy, but the tiny crunch and extra flavor intensity that they do add combined with the softer texture of the bar in general is enough to give it the slight edge on Quest when it comes to this flavor.

Mission1 Chocolate Brownie

Size Comparison

The Mission1 Chocolate Brownie bar totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 20p/24c/6f in addition to 20g fiber. For reference, the Quest Chocolate Brownie flavor has 170 calories with the macros 20p/21c/7f along with 15g fiber. The 20 extra calories in Mission1 are due to the chocolate chips I’m sure, and since that aspect places them above Quest I do think those calories are justified. The lower fat and higher fiber make this an excellent substitution for Quest if you’re going for a similar tasting brownie flavor.

Mission1 Chocolate BrownieI’m surprised to say that the Mission1 Chocolate Brownie bar surpassed my expectations, and I’m even more surprised to say that I give it the slight nod over Quest. The softer texture and the appearance of chocolate chips is what makes this bar the overall better experience in my opinion. The other Mission1 bars were pretty good in their own right, but they just couldn’t compare with the same flavor from Quest. Mission1 has a really winner on their hands with this specific flavor though. If you’re going for a chocolate brownie protein bar, I would go with this one over Quest’s, but I still think Combat Crunch and Oh Yeah! One have the best brownie flavored bars in the game.

Mission1 Chocolate Brownie

Better than Quest!


+20g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Has mix-ins and softer texture than Quest’s version



-There are still better brownie flavored protein bars out there


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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