No Cow Raspberry Truffle Review

No Cow Raspberry Truffle

My second experience with the D’s Naturals brand comes with their No Cow raspberry truffle bar. The first one of their products that I tried was their peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, which I did enjoy. What’s interesting to note about these bars is that they are completely free of dairy, whey and soy… hence the ‘No Cow’ portion of the title. This doesn’t really matter to me, but I know some people might care about it.

No Cow Raspberry Truffle Review


No Cow Raspberry Truffle

Ingredient List

No Cow Raspberry Truffle

Macronutrient Profile

No Cow Raspberry Truffle

The No Cow raspberry truffle bar ended up being fairly tasty, much like the other flavor I tried. Due to the different sources of protein, it definitely has that same dryish taste to the texture as well that could put off some people, but I actually like it. The raspberry flavor of this bar was combined with the more earthy taste of truffles through the form of small mix-ins; the two flavors lent themselves quite well to each other. The raspberry flavor was overall stronger, but the truffles tone down the sweetness and bring it to more of a milder flavor.

No Cow Raspberry Truffle

Size Comparison

The calories for this bar total out to 160 consisting of the macros 21p/27c/4f in addition to 20g fiber. I think it goes without saying but the macros on the No Cow raspberry truffle bar are utterly (no pun intended) amazing. If I had to pick out perfect macros for a protein bar, this would just about be it. For it to only have 160 calories all the while containing over 20 grams of both protein and fiber, AND having only 4g of fat… Wow. The only other thing that would make this bar perfect from a nutritional standpoint for me is if it did contain whey protein isolate or something similar in it. I know the whole dairy free/vegan aspect to this bar is a huge plus for some people, but I don’t mind whey at all and prefers my bars to have some form of it since I know it’s a high quality protein.

No Cow Raspberry TruffleWhile the macronutrient profile on this bar is top notch and the taste is enjoyable to a degree, it didn’t do anything to blow me away from a flavor standpoint. The No Cow raspberry truffle bar wasn’t bad tasting as I did note that I enjoyed it, but it was pretty average as far as ‘good’ tasting bars go and not really something I’m eager to come back to all the time. I think it enjoyed it a little bit less than their peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, but not by too much. If you’re lactose intolerant then these No Cow bars are likely to be game changers for you since they’re one of the very few protein bars that don’t contain dairy AND taste pretty good in combination with a good macro profile. However if the whole no dairy thing isn’t a big deal to you, then I think you’re better off looking elsewhere for protein bars as far as tastes go. I will end this review on a very strong positive note though. Off the top of my head, this might be the best tasting protein bar I’ve ever had that contains only 160 calories.

No Cow Raspberry Truffle

Looks pretty similar to their their other flavors, but the taste is different.


+Insane macros and low calories

+Only 4g fat!

+20g fiber

+Dairy free (if that matters to you)



-Dryish/gritty texture may not be for everyone

-No whey (if that matters)


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B



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