OhYeah One Almond Bliss Review

OhYeah One Almond Bliss

I’ve been putting of this flavor for awhile because I’m not really a fan of coconuts, and almonds are just okay to me. This is basically a coconut/almond hybrid bar so… Yeah. My reasonings should be clear. I’ve really loved every One flavor so far, but for the first time with their protein bars, I had some doubts going into the OhYeah One Almond Bliss bar.

OhYeah One Almond Bliss Review


OhYeah One Almond Bliss

Macronutrient Profile

OhYeah One Almond Bliss

Ingredient List

OhYeah One Almond Bliss

Well, some of the doubts were justified, but not completely. I will say that has been my least favorite flavor in the One line so far, no doubt about that. However, you already know I’m a bit negatively biased when it comes to this flavor. With that being said, it’s still pretty good and I did enjoy it quite a bit. The coconut flavor isn’t extremely strong or overpowering which made me happy. I can definitely taste it with each bite, but it doesn’t impact the overall flavor as much as I expected it to. If anything, I still taste more chocolate than anything which works for me. I feel that One bars have the most ‘candy bar-like vibe’ out of all the protein bars out there and this one is no exception. The fact that there are actual almonds scattered throughout the bar as well only add to that factor. The almonds are big, and they add a huge crunch whenever you get one. I’m not crazy about almonds or nuts in general in my protein bars, but I could see how those that are would absolutely love that component.

OhYeah One Almond Bliss

Size Comparison

The OhYeah One Almond Bliss flavor totals out to 230 calories consisting of the macros 21p/22c/9f in addition to 9g fiber. Unfortunately, I do believe that this one contains the highest overall calories and fat content of all the One bars. Due to the large almonds, this really came as no surprise though. Considering I enjoyed this bar the least out of all their flavors, this just further nails the coffin of me ever really wanting to come back to it.

OhYeah One Almond BlissAll in all, I did enjoy this bar a little bit more than I planned on so that is clearly a good thing, especially coming from someone who’s not crazy about almonds or coconuts in the first place. However, it didn’t do anything to really turn me into a fan either. If you’re a person who loves nuts in your protein/candy bars and/or like coconuts, then give this bar a shot as there’s probably a good chance you’ll enjoy it. If you’re like me though and aren’t crazy about those flavors either, then One definitely has better choices to offer.

OhYeah One Almond Bliss

That almond is no joke.


+If you like nuts in your bars and/or coconuts, you’re likely to love it

+9g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Highest fat/overall calories of all One flavors

-My least favorite flavor, and if you don’t like coconuts I’d say you’re likely to think the same


Recommended: Yes if you like coconuts, but even still not over other One flavors

Overall Rating: B



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