OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie Review

OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie

I’ve been very impressed with every flavor in the One line so far. I’m a big brownie fan as well so I expected to enjoy the OhYeah One chocolate brownie bar quite substantially bearing those facts in mind. Well, I really hope so at least considering I have a whole box of 12 of them to eat. Perhaps a bit of an overly eager move on my part, but that just goes to show the confidence that I have in One bars.

OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie Review


OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie

Macronutrient Profile

OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie

Ingredient List

OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie

Okay first of all, not much to look at as far as appearance goes. Very plain and boring exterior. One bars never let me down with taste though, so clearly the OhYeah One chocolate brownie flavor followed that same suit. The bar was delicious. It had a very strong milk chocolate flavor to it combined with a hint of a brownie-like taste. There are tiny chocolate crisps on the inside as well that are nice for added texture here and there. Considering One bars resemble real candy bars the most in regards to texture/taste/appearance, the milky chocolate taste to this bar gave this flavor perhaps the strongest candy bar vibe out of all the One flavors yet. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been my absolute favorite flavor, but it definitely did leave the strongest candy bar impression on me. Speaking of the milk chocolate, I definitely get more of that flavor as opposed to a brownie taste. Not really a bad thing because the taste is still great, just the ‘brownie’ aspect could have been executed more faithfully.

OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie

Size Comparison

The OhYeah One chocolate brownie bar totals out to 210 calories consisting of the macros 21p/24c/7f in addition to 10g fiber. A little less fat and calories compared to most of their other flavors so that’s nice to see. In fact, I believe this is as good as is it gets macro wise for the One line.

OhYeah One Chocolate BrownieAnother flavor tried in the One line, and another amazing experience with a protein bar. Like my girlfriend, the brand continues to satisfy me time and time again, and their OhYeah One chocolate brownie flavor was no exception. The milk chocolate flavor was very apparent which made me feel like I was eating a legitimate candy bar as opposed to a protein bar, which is a damn impressive feat to pull off I gotta say. Despite how much I liked this bar, I would actually place it fairly middle road as far as One flavors go, which just goes to show how much I enjoy their bars in general. The birthday cake is obviously GOAT followed by the peanut butter supreme, but I would probably rank this in the 3-5 range depending on the day. In comparison to other company’s versions, while the Quest chocolate brownie bar has a more accurate brownie flavor, I prefer this one instead due to the richer, milk chocolatey taste and tiny crisps. I do think that Combat Crunch still has the best brownie flavor out there though, but this one would be second.

OhYeah One Chocolate Brownie

Just a delicious chocolatey flavor.


+Awesome, milk chocolate flavor that tastes like a real candy bar

+Whey protein isolate

+10g fiber



-Brownie flavor could be executed better


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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