OhYeah One Cookies & Creme Review

OhYeah One Cookies

I’m always excited to try a new flavor in the One line, and the OhYeah One cookies & crème bar was no exception. The textures and flavors of their bars resemble real candy bars the most out of any other protein bars out there in my opinion, and I do love cookies & crème as a flavor. However, I’ve had a hard time finding good protein bars based on that flavor that’s not Quest. While I love Combat Crunch bars, I was let down by their take on this classic flavor. I’m hoping that One’s version stacks up better, but there’s only way one to be sure.

OhYeah One Cookies & Creme Review


OhYeah One Cookies

Macronutrient Profile

OhYeah One Cookies

Ingredient List

OhYeah One Cookies

My hopes came true, as the OhYeah One cookies & crème bar definitely was a notch above Combat Crunch’s take on the flavor, but still maybe not as good as Quest due to the quality of mix-ins and accuracy of the flavor itself. The texture of the bar is very candy bar-esque like all the other One flavors so that places it in the top echelon with that, but the mix-ins are pretty small and eventful, and overall don’t do too much to the experience of the bar. While the flavor of the bar is really tasty as well, I don’t exactly get a true cookies & crème vibe from it. This feeling is only amplified by the actual cookie pieces not doing a lot to add to it. Still though, the flavor was very enjoyable, just not executed as well as it maybe could have been.

OhYeah One Cookies

Size Comparison

The calories for the OhYeah One cookies & crème bar total out to 220 calories consisting of the macros 22p/23c/7f in addition to 10g fiber. Basically the exact same macros as all the other One flavors so it makes tracking the flavor convenient like usual. Fiber could be a tad higher but with the texture/flavor of the bar, I can easily overlook it.

OhYeah One CookiesI had a solid experience with this treat. While the OhYeah One cookies & crème bar won’t be my go-to flavor with their brand, it was still very enjoyable. I did like most of the other One flavors better and I still think Quest has the best version of this flavor out there, so with that in mind I don’t think I will revisit this one as often as their other flavor. I’ll come back to it on rare occasion though whenever the mood strikes. I still recommend it however, as the flavor is very pleasant and the texture of the bar is excellent.

OhYeah One Cookies

Very rich, but good taste.


+10g fiber

+Very good taste

+Whey protein isolate



-Could use more, bigger mix-ins


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A-



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