OhYeah One Lemon Cake Review

OhYeah One Lemon Cake

Even though I have loved every bar in the One line so far, lemon’s not really my thing so I had some doubts about the OhYeah One Lemon Cake bar going into it. I mean, I don’t HATE lemon. I like it in my water, I guess. As far as desserts go though, I can’t say there would ever be a time where I would really crave a lemon flavored cake over classic chocolate/vanilla cake. Literally the only reason why I even tried this flavor in the first place was for the purpose of reviewing it for this website. It’s a tough job to try every protein bar out there, but someone’s gotta do it.

OhYeah One Lemon Cake Review


OhYeah One Lemon Cake

Macronutrient Profile

OhYeah One Lemon Cake

Ingredient List

OhYeah One Lemon Cake

Okay so that last bit made it sound like I was going to be displeased with this flavor, but that was definitely not the case. The OhYeah One Lemon Cake bar was actually quite delicious. I was happy to discover that the lemon flavor wasn’t overly strong, it was primarily contained in the outer coating of the bar which doesn’t contribute to the overall flavor as much as the inside. The inside of the bar is mostly a pie/cake flavored base with small lemon chips spread throughout. Don’t get me wrong, there was certainly a lemony taste to this bar, but the cake/pie flavor on the inside was the stronger of the two in my opinion.

OhYeah One Lemon Cake

Size Comparison

The OhYeah One Lemon Cake bar totals out to 220 calories consisting of the macros 22p/23c/7f in addition to 10g fiber. Pretty much the exact same as the other One bars I believe so that’s pretty convenient for tracking purposes. The fiber is a little bit lower compared to its main competition of Quest and Combat Crunch, but I feel that One bars resemble real candy bars the most in texture and flavor so this minor knock is always forgiven.

OhYeah One Lemon Cake Well, I will say that this flavor exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting to hate the OhYeah One Lemon Cake bar, but I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did either. With that being said though, this was still my least favorite flavor in the One line so far (there are a few left I’ve yet to try however). That sounds bad, but I’ve rated every other flavor in the ‘A’ range so I’ve really loved the brand in general and while I did really like this bar, I just simply didn’t like it as much as their other flavors. That has nothing to do with the execution of the bar itself because they absolutely nailed that, it’s just that lemon isn’t my favorite flavor. If you really enjoy lemon flavored desserts like lemon cake, lemon tarts, then you will probably love this bar and in that case, I fully recommend it.

OhYeah One Lemon Cake

The inside is the real deal.


+10g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Great bar for huge lemon cake lovers



-Lemon’s not my ideal flavor


Recommended: Yes if you really like lemon flavored desserts

Overall Rating: B+



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