Power Pak Chocolate Pudding Review

Power Pak Chocolate Pudding

Okay first of all, these things have been around forever. MHP was churning out these flexible dieting products before flexible dieting was even a term. When I first got into lifting like 8 years ago now and joined bodybuilding.com, MHP was one of the more popular supplement brands and had just released their Power Pak Chocolate Pudding around that time. I don’t recall ever trying it back then, but I do remember seeing it. Now is the time to reestablish missed connections. Better late than never.

Power Pak Chocolate Pudding Review


Power Pak Chocolate Pudding

Macronutrient Profile

Power Pak Chocolate Pudding

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Power Pak Chocolate Pudding

Well, I gotta say that this does indeed does taste like chocolate pudding. The flavor is executed quite well in my opinion, it tastes like your average chocolate pudding but maybe a tad less sweet which may even be a good thing for some. The texture is very smooth and creamy like typical pudding as well. All around, I have no complaints with what this product attempted to do in regards to taste/texture. It worked.

The Power Pak Chocolate Pudding totals out to be 190 calories for the entire container consisting of the macros 30p/8c/4.5f in addition to 1g fiber. Needless to say, the macros are pretty damn awesome on this considering it’s primarily protein. However, the protein sources could be a bit better and the lack of fiber is a flaw. The main protein source is milk protein isolate which isn’t bad, but then it’s followed by soy protein isolate which is definitely not preferred. Any form of whey would have been much more ideal, but I get that that would probably affect the taste for the worst.

MHP attempted to give us protein in the form of a tasty pudding, and that’s exactly what they accomplished with the Power Pak Chocolate Pudding. The smooth and creamy, pudding-like texture is definitely accurate and even the taste is pretty on point. It’s not as sweet as normal chocolate pudding, but fairly close. Due to the price though, this is sort of hard to recommend considering if you know what you’re doing, you can make your own protein pudding using some form of casein/whey/pb2 mixture for probably a lot cheaper. If you’re lazy when it comes to that and want protein pudding already pre-made for you though, then this is a solid option.

Power Pak Chocolate Pudding

Looks like typical chocolate pudding to me!


+30g protein

+Very smooth and creamy texture

+Tastes like normal chocolate pudding



-Barely any fiber

-Uses soy protein isolate, no whey


Recommended: Yes if you’re too lazy to make your own protein pudding

Overall Rating: A-



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