Power Pak Vanilla Pudding Review

Power Pak Vanilla Pudding

Just like their chocolate pudding, the Power Pak Vanilla Pudding has been around for ages. I could be wrong but I don’t believe they’ve changed the formula at all either, which means whatever they’ve been doing must be working. I enjoyed their chocolate flavor, so I was curious as how to their vanilla rendition would stack up.

Power Pak Vanilla Pudding Review


Power Pak Vanilla Pudding

Macronutrient Profile

Power Pak Vanilla Pudding

Ingredient List

Power Pak Vanilla Pudding

It tasted exactly how I hoped and expected it to, which is definitely a good thing. The Power Pak vanilla pudding tastes like actual legitimate vanilla pudding, just a little less sweet naturally. It’s not the best tasting pudding I’ve ever had, but it’s pretty standard as far as vanilla pudding goes from the texture to the flavor. For a pudding packed full of protein, I’m definitely okay with an ‘average’ pudding taste.

Power Pak Vanilla PuddingThe Power Pak Vanilla Pudding totals out to 190 calories for the entire container consisting of the macros 30p/8c/4.5f in addition to 1g fiber. Needless to say… Pretty awesome macros. The protein sources could be better as there is no whey and the protein is comprised of milk protein isolate and soy protein isolate, plus the lack of fiber is kind of a flaw, but the product is spot on rom a macronutrient standpoint at least.

Overall, I enjoyed the Power Pak Vanilla Pudding quite substantially, much like their chocolate flavor. It’s hard to say which one was better as they both captured their intended flavor about the same, it really just depends if you’re in the mood for chocolate pudding or vanilla pudding. The protein sources could be better, but it’s not like this would be your sole source of protein throughout the day so it’s whatever. If you’re looking for a quick way to get protein in through the the form of pudding, and are too lazy to make your own, then look no further.

Power Pak Vanilla Pudding

Dat classic vanilla pudding.


+30g protein

+Very smooth and creamy texture

+Tastes like normal vanilla pudding



-Uses soy protein isolate, no whey

-Only 1g fiber


Recommended: Yes if you’re too lazy to make your own

Overall Rating: A-



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