Quest Cookies & Cream Review

Quest Cookies

Where my love for Quest bars all began. This is the very first flavor that I ever tried due to the strong recommendations by numerous people. After one bite… I was hooked. Instant game changer. Before trying the Quest Cookies & Cream bar, all I had was crappy soy protein bars that not only didn’t taste that great, but had poor protein sources and macros in general. Quest came and shook the protein bar world up by making their bars actually taste GREAT all the while containing quality protein sources like whey protein isolate/milk protein isolate and packing them full of fiber. The original cookies & cream flavor was hands down my favorite protein bar ever at one point, but ever since they’ve changed up the formula slightly and because I’ve had some other top offerings from Combat Crunch, Cor-Sport, and Oh Yeah! One, I can’t say it’s my absolute favorite anymore. I still love it though and it’s still one of my favorite flavors though, no question about that.

Quest Cookies & Cream Review


Quest Cookies

Macronutrient Profile

Quest Cookies

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Quest Cookies

This is easily one of Quest’s most popular flavors, and for damn good reason. It’s absolutely DELICIOUS. The cookie pieces and chunks of cream are extremely abundant and add amazing elements of both flavor and texture to the bar. The cream chunks are very sweet and flavorful, and quite big as well. You definitely know when you’re biting into one due to the size alone, then that flavor hits you like BAM. They’re probably my favorite component of the whole bar. The Oreo-like cookie pieces add a good crunch and are pretty flavorful as well, but not as flavorful as the cream chunks in my opinion. They do add more texture though, and them in combination with the cream is how the bar truly shines. Without one or the other type of mix-in, this bar wouldn’t be as nearly as good as it is in its current state. The collective whole of how all the flavors and textures come together is what makes this bar as incredible as it is, not the individual components.

Size ComparisonThe Quest Cookies & Cream flavor totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 20p/21/9f in addition to 14g fiber. Some of the higher fat for a Quest bar, but with how flavorful it is and with having two types of mix-ins, I’ll gladly accept it. If you’re a long time Quest customer, you may have noticed that the macros have changed on this. The original macros when these came out a few years ago had a little less calories and 7g fat instead, I believe. Obviously, those old macros would be much preferred instead. I’m not sure if the change in macros is caused by switching up the fiber sources, or if they just weren’t as accurate with their old labeling. I did always think the fat seemed low considering how many chunks were in there, but I wasn’t one to complain at the time. Even though the calories and fat are a bit higher now, they’re no higher than their other top flavors now either like cookie dough, double chocolate chunk, white chocolate raspberry, etc. so it really doesn’t bother me too much.

Quest CookiesThere’s not much to say about the Quest Cookies & Cream flavor that I haven’t already said… It’s pretty damn amazing. Easily one of Quest’s best flavors in my opinion, and the fact that it’s a top 2 (along with cookie dough) seller for them means that a lot of other people think so as well. If you love cookies and cream as a flavor as and haven’t tried this bar yet, then I have no idea what the hell you’re doing wasting time on my website reading this review when you could be planting your face into the holiness that is this bar. I will say that when it comes down to it, I still slightly prefer the cookie dough flavor over this one though. However there are a lot of protein bars out there that are very similar to the Quest cookie dough bar as far as taste/texture goes and almost just as good, whereas the Quest cookies & cream flavor remains a more unique experience with not as many imitators out there. I still think it’s the best cookies and cream protein bar on the market, so if that’s the flavor you’re going after, look no further than this bar.

Quest Cookies

The cookies… The cream…


+DELICIOUS cookies & cream flavor with various chunks

+14g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Not as good of macros or taste as original formula


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: A+



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