Quest Lemon Cream Pie Review

Quest Lemon Cream Pie

I’ll start by saying this, the Quest Lemon Cream Pie flavor is far from one of my most anticipated bars that I’ve tried from Quest. In fact I’m only really trying it for the purpose of reviewing it for this website. Purely from a flavor standpoint, if I’m to spend money on a Quest bar there’s absolutely no reason why I would ever choose this one over their cookie dough, cookies and cream, white chocolate raspberry, etc. I’m just not the biggest fan of lemon flavored desserts. Despite that fact, I did manage to Oh Yeah! One’s lemon cake flavor so maybe I’ll enjoy this one too.

Quest Lemon Cream Pie Review


Quest Lemon Cream Pie

Macronutrient Profile

Quest Lemon Cream Pie

Ingredient List

Quest Lemon Cream Pie

Well, I did enjoy it actually. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. The lemon flavor is obviously there but it’s fairly mild and not too strong like I was worried it would be. Texture wise, this is the same as most of their other flavors; fairly firm to hold but nice and soft once you start chewing. There are no mix-ins in the Quest Lemon Cream Pie flavor however, so it’s kind of an uneventful bar overall and what keeps this bar from scoring higher.

Quest Lemon Cream Pie

Size Comparison

The Quest Lemon Cream Pie bar totals out to 170 calories consisting of the macros 20p/23c/6f in addition to 14g fiber. Some of the best overall calories and macros that Quest has to offer actually, if not even THE best. Only 6g fat is SUPER low for a Quest bar. The macros are a huge, huge plus for this flavor.

Quest Lemon Cream PieHat’s off to this bar for defying odds. I gotta say the Quest Lemon Cream Pie flavor managed to exceed my expectations and turn into an enjoyable little treat. As far as lemon flavored protein bars go, I still think the lemon cake One bar is better, however for someone who doesn’t really like lemons, for me to even enjoy this bar at all means they must have done something right. If you’re looking for a good tasting lemon flavored protein bar that’s a bit lower in calories than the lemon cake One bar, then definitely give this bar a shot.

Quest Lemon Cream Pie

Typical Quest bar-ness.


+Only 6g fat, 14g fiber

+Great taste for lemon pie lovers

+Whey protein isolate



-Even though it’s executed well, lemon still isn’t my go-to flavor

-Not as tasty as Oh Yeah! One’s lemon cake bar


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B



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