Quest Mixed Berry Bliss Review

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss

While all of Quest’s fruity flavored protein bars are pretty good, they usually pale in comparison to their more chocolate based ones. When they combine both elements like in their white chocolate raspberry flavor the results are magical, but the fruit based bars by themselves struggle to stack up in comparison to their chocolatey brethren. With that being said, I expected the same with the Quest Mixed Berry Bliss. I assumed the bar would taste good on its own, but would fall short in comparison to most of the other Quest flavors.

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss Review


Macronutrient Profile

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss

Ingredient List

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss

I was exactly right. It wasn’t bad by any means, but honestly the Quest Mixed Berry Bliss is probably one of the weakest flavors they have to offer. I still enjoyed it to a fair degree which just goes to show how awesome and consistent Quest is with their protein bars, but overall it was just kind of a boring bar. The berry flavor was present but it wasn’t overly powerful or tasty, it was just sort of average. There are small berry pieces spread throughout which slightly affect the texture and give it that berry taste, but I wouldn’t really consider them mix-ins since they’re too small to even really notice.

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss

Size Comparison

The Quest Mixed Berry Bliss flavor totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 20p/21c/9f in addition to 14g fiber. Considering this bar has berries which are straight carbs and no form of chocolate, I’m actually surprised to see the fat at 9g and carbs at 21g. I would have figured the fat would be a tad lower like all of their fruity flavors. I’m not really sure where the extra fat comes from in this bar. The 9g fat is justified in flavors like cookie dough and white chocolate raspberry, but not in this one.

Quest Mixed Berry BlissI don’t think this was the absolute weakest Quest bar, but it’s definitely closer to the bottom of the barrel than it is to the top of the barrel. Bottom 5 at least, especially considering the unjustified slightly higher fat. Not to completely bad mouth this bar, it was still enjoyable and I liked it. I would eat it again if offered. However with all of the other delicious protein bars that Quest has to offer, I would never really recommend the Quest Mixed Berry Bliss flavor unless you’re just a DIEHARD berry fan.

Quest Mixed Berry Bliss

You can kind of see the berries.


+14g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-9g fat seems high for no real mix-ins or form of chocolate

-One of the weaker Quest flavors


Recommended: Maybe

Overall Rating: B



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