Quest Peanut Butter Supreme Review

Quest Peanut Butter Supreme

Ah, the second of Quest’s peanut butter based flavors to review. My experience with their chocolate peanut butter flavor was average. I did like it a fair amount in comparison to most other protein bars out there, but it couldn’t hold a candle to most of Quest’s best flavors. I’m definitely hoping the Quest Peanut Butter Supreme will make more of an impression on me.

Quest Peanut Butter Supreme Review


Quest Peanut Butter Supreme

Macronutrient Profile

Quest Peanut Butter Supreme

Ingredient List

Quest Peanut Butter Supreme

Well, it did make more of an impression on me than their chocolate peanut butter flavor… But not by much. Considering there is no chocolate flavor in this bar at all, the peanut butter is the sole player. The peanut butter flavor of the bar itself is all around pretty solid, I definitely get a strong peanut butter taste. As far mix-ins go, this bar contains little peanuts and almonds. They do add a nice crunch here and there, but from a flavor standpoint they don’t do a whole lot. The peanut butter flavor is already strong enough so those peanuts don’t really help with that aspect. And while the actual peanuts aren’t bad… It’s like come on now, which would you rather prefer as mix-ins? Peanuts? Or a huge chocolatey chunks? I get that this is supposed to be a purely peanut butter based bar and I respect that, but that’s also why it can’t compare to the very best Quest flavors. Literally all of the best Quest flavors have some form of chocolatey chunks incorporated in like cookie dough, cookies and cream, double chocolate chunk, s’mores, white chocolate raspberry, etc. No chunks, no slam dunks.

Quest Peanut Butter Supreme

Size Comparison

The Quest Peanut Butter Supreme totals out to 200 calories consisting of the macros 20p/20c/10f in addition to 14g fiber. With the strong peanut butter taste and actual peanuts, I’m not surprised to see that this flavor is tied for the highest fat out of all Quest flavors (excluding their pumpkin pie flavor but that’s their only bar with a frosted coating). Even though I expected the higher fat and calories, that doesn’t mean I think it’s justified though. While this bar is pretty good, it’s nowhere near as good as some of Quest’s top flavors that are a little lower in fat.

Quest Peanut Butter SupremeAs far as peanut butter flavors go, I do think that the Quest Peanut Butter Supreme bar was tastier than their chocolate peanut butter flavor. In comparison to all of their flavors though, I would say that this is fairly average and middle of the road. It’s certainly not a top 5, but it’s a not a bottom 5 either. For a Quest bar with 10g fat however, it was needing to taste a LOT better to justify more re-purchases in the future. Considering the best flavors Quest has to offer are lower in fat and overall calories, I find it hard to really recommend this bar, especially when the peanut butter pie One bar exists as well. That is still my favorite peanut butter based protein bar out there.

Quest Peanut Butter Supreme

Clearly the peanuts are there.


+14g fiber

+Whey protein isolate

+Strong peanut butter taste



-Highest fat of all Quest bars

-Peanuts aren’t the preferred choice of mix-ins


Recommended: Not over other Quest flavors

Overall Rating: B+



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