Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch Review

Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch

The Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch flavors seems to be one of their least popular protein bars. That has nothing to do with the actual taste of it, but I just never really hear anyone talk about it. I gotta say, until now I’ve even never tried it myself. Almonds just don’t call to me as much as cookie dough does so I’ve never given it a chance. Now is the time though, let’s see if it can impress.

Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch Review


Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch

Macronutrient Profile

Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch

Ingredient List

Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch

What a pleasant surprise. I’m not crazy about almonds, but the Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch was actually really good. The base flavor of the bar had a pleasant vanilla taste; it was nice and sweet, but not too sweet. The almonds add a slight crunch here and there, but overall they don’t impact the taste too much. The vanilla component remains the strongest flavor in this bar, and off the top of my head this is the only vanilla flavored bar that Quest has to offer in fact. They have a bunch of chocolate flavored bars, like over half their flavors, but strangely enough just one vanilla flavored bar. For vanilla lovers, this has the potential to be one of your go-to flavors with Quest. If you’re worried about the almond portion, don’t be. They really don’t affect the taste much, I couldn’t even tell they were there besides the small crunch.

Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch

Size Comparison

The Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch flavor totals out to 190 calories consisting of the macros 20p/21c/9f in addition to 15g fiber. A little higher fat compared to most Quest bars but it’s the same amount as some of their top flavors like cookie dough, cookies and cream, white chocolate raspberry, etc. I do think those flavors are definitely tastier though, so if I’m going to go with a Quest bar with 9g fat I’m likely to opt for one of those flavors instead. In comparison to all other protein bars out there, the macros and nutrient profile on this flavor are still top notch.

Quest Vanilla Almond CrunchWow. I didn’t expect to enjoy this bar as much as I did. The Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch flavor was definitely a sleeper hit and an underrated flavor in their line up, in my opinion. I can see how the almond part could be off-putting to some (it was to me) and why they’ve avoided it, but you can barely even taste the almond as all it really does is add a slight crunch like the name implies. The strong majority of this bar’s flavor comes from vanilla, and it’s sweet and delicious. If you’re one of those people who prefer vanilla over chocolate, definitely give this flavor a shot.

Quest Vanilla Almond Crunch

I should have included more of the almond pieces, oh well.


+Solid vanilla taste, only vanilla-based Quest bar

+15g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Little higher fat like most of Quest’s best flavors, but not quite as good


Recommended: Yes

Overall Rating: B+



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