Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough Review

Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough

The Total Lean Advanced Protein Bars is a line of bars created by GNC. I’m always skeptical when it comes to GNC branded products, but I’ve heard from numerous people now that these are actually pretty tasty with great macros. That positive feedback and a quick glance at the nutrition profile was all I needed as motivation to try these out. The Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough bar was the first flavor I decided to give a shot.

Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough Review


Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough

Macronutrient Profile

Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough

Ingredient List

Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough

It’s become standard that cookie dough is usually the first flavor I try when diving into a new line of protein bars, so this was no exception. As much as I don’t really like to admit, the Total Lean Advanced cookie dough bar was indeed very good. GNC put out a quality product, I will give them that. They don’t do anything crazy with the cookie dough flavor, but the execution is there for the most part. It’s extremely similar to other cookie dough bars like Quest, Cor-Sport, Venture, etc. in regards to texture, and taste to an extent as well. The base flavor of the cookie dough is solid, not the very best tasting one I’ve ever had, but definitely one of the better ones (certainly better than brands like Mission1 and Fit Elite as far as Quest imitators go). I do wish the chocolate chips packed more of a punch though. They’re more milk chocolatey so not my first preference of chocolate first of all, and they lack a decent crunch to them. They’re not bad by any means and the flavor is slightly elevated whenever you do have a bite that contains one, but overall they don’t add to the experience as much as the dark chocolate chunks do in the Quest bar or the chocolate crisps in the Cor-Sport bar. A lot of this bar’s great taste comes from the bar itself, which is slightly more impressive when you think about it considering they don’t rely on mix-ins to really make the taste.

Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough

Size Comparison

The Total Lean Advanced cookie dough bar totals out to 200 calories consisting of the macros 22p/24c/8f in addition to 18g fiber. Very competitive with its nutritional content in comparison to all other cookie dough bars out there, in fact I would probably rank this as tied for first with Quest. It does have 10 more calories than the Quest bar, but it also has 1g less fat and 4g more fiber. Really depends on your preferences, I suppose.

Total Lean Advanced Cookie DoughOverall, I found the Total Lean Advanced cookie dough bar to be an enjoyable treat. The type of cookie dough bar it’s going for has been done numerous times before, but it was one of the better takes on it for sure. With that being said, the flavor has been done better. Even though it was a great tasting bar, it’s hard to recommend when there are other cookie dough bars that taste even better, if only slightly.

Total Lean Advanced Cookie Dough

Looks similar to a Quest bar in appearance.


+Great taste

+18g fiber

+Whey protein isolate



-Though it was good, there are better cookie dough bars out there

-Chocolate chips could have more of an impact


Recommended: Maybe if you’re a GNC member?

Overall Rating: A-



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