Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie Review

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

In addition to their Complete Cookies, Lenny & Larry’s also have their Muscle Brownies. I would say they are more known for their cookies nowadays, but technically their brownies came first. While they did come first… The cookies became more popular for a reason. Those things are delicious, and their brownies are just okay. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had one, but I decided to come back to the Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie to see if my thoughts remained the same.

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie Review


Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

Macronutrient Profile

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

Ingredient List

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

Yep… Sure did. It’s not a bad taste overall, but it’s nothing super special either, and nowhere near as good as their Complete Cookies. It’s definitely chocolatey, like REALLY chocolatey, maybe even a little too much. I’m a big chocolate lover, but even this got to be a bit too strong/rich for my liking. It’s not ‘brownie’ chocolatey though, as there is something just slightly off about the chocolate flavor that it’s hard to explain. Let me just put it this way, with some of their Complete Cookie flavors, you wouldn’t even know that you’re eating a ‘healthy’ cookie. However with the Muscle Brownies, you can definitely tell that you’re supposed to be eating a healthier version of a normal brownie.

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

Size Comparison

The Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie totals out to 340 calories for the entire brownie consisting of the macros 20p/38c/12f in addition to 2g fiber. Technically like their Complete Cookies, a serving size is only ½ the product. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure as hell not about to just save half of it for later so I’m going for the whole shebang in one go. These macros are a little better than their Complete Cookies overall and the calories are lower, but the brownies aren’t nearly as big or filling either.

Triple Chocolate Muscle BrownieI can definitely see why the Muscle Brownies slowly faded into obscurity while their Complete Cookies flourished. When it comes down to it, the Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie is all around pretty average. The flavor is nothing outstanding, the macros aren’t incredible, it’s not overly filling and it’s just the overall inferior product in comparison to their much better cookies. To this day I’ve yet to taste an excellent protein brownie, and see little reason (if any reason) to ever buy them over much more delicious and macro friendly protein bars. Maybe one day a protein brownie will be executed well, but that day is still yet to come.

Triple Chocolate Muscle Brownie

Very dense looking and tasting.


+20g protein per brownie

+Lower calories than their Complete Cookies



-Pretty average taste, maybe too chocolatey

-Basically no fiber, calorically dense


Recommended: No

Overall Rating: C+



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