Wink Cake Batter Review

Wink Cake Batter

Wink Frozen Desserts is not a new company, but I’ve only just heard of them for the first time so they’re new to me. At only 100 calories for the WHOLE PINT, it definitely had my interest peaked. I knew there was no way this could be considered real ‘ice cream’ though considering the low calories. I was very skeptical about how the taste would be with that in mind, but at this point on some serious poverty macros before my next show, I’m willing to try anything that’s low in calories and high in volume. This brand was a pain to track down, but I managed to find a Price Chopper that had three of their flavors. I decided to try the Wink Cake Batter flavor as my first one since the name sounded intriguing enough.

Wink Cake Batter Review


Wink Cake Batter

Macronutrient Profile

Wink Cake Batter

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Wink Cake Batter

If you go into this not expecting to taste anything remotely close to real ice cream but rather just a frozen dessert like the name implies, the Wink Cake Batter flavor isn’t THAT bad. The textures resembles sorbet or sherbet far more than actual ice cream as there’s definitely a lot of ‘ice’ to it and not a lot of ‘cream’. In fact, it almost kind of reminded me of eating a less flavorful snow cone, just quite a bit softer and less icy. The flavor wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t really say it was good either. It’s very mild and bland. It was kind of just there. I didn’t get a strong cake batter vibe at all, if anything it tasted like a combination of vanilla and coconut, for some odd reason. It wasn’t bad to where I wanted to stop eating it, but it wasn’t enjoyable enough to make me look forward to the next bite. After the whole pint was gone, I felt pretty unsatisfied to be honest.

Wink Cake BatterThe Wink Cake Batter flavor totals out to 100 calories for the whole pint consisting of the macros 8p/16c/0f in addition to 4g fiber. I’ll play the role of Captain Obvious here, but yeah, this easily has the best macros and lowest caloric content of any type of frozen dessert in pint form out there. The taste is definitely sacrificed to accomplish this feat, but it is the strongest pulling factor it has going for it.

To sum up the Wink Cake Batter flavor; absolutely incredible macros and low calories, incredibly average to below average taste. The flavor is instantly forgettable really, almost like you’re eating a slightly more flavored and creamy version of ice. It’s not an abomination to your taste buds, it just doesn’t do anything to tickle their fancy either. Apparently this pint is extremely healthy from an actual health perspective in the fact that its vegan, lacks a lot of ingredients that people with allergies can’t normally have, and stuff like that. If you’re one of those rare cases and you can’t have Enlightened, Halo Top, or Arctic Zero… Then I guess this is one of your only options. For people who this doesn’t affect though, I can’t really recommend this over those other brands even with the lower calories, as the flavor is just sacrificed way too much to compensate for that fact.

Wink Cake Batter



+100 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+8g protein for the whole pint

+Good for vegans and people with allergies



-Very bland and flavorless taste, basically flavored ice


Recommended: Only if you’re one of those rare cases

Overall Rating: D


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