Wink Choco Mint Review

Wink Choco Mint

After my first two experiences with Wink Frozen Desserts, I wasn’t too excited going into this one. I respect what they’re doing from a health standpoint and with their super low calorie pints, but from a flavor standpoint they just don’t perform at all. They’re basically flavored ice. So yeah, let’s dive into this Wink Choco Mint pint. Yay. Such joy.

Wink Choco Mint Review


Wink Choco Mint

Macronutrient Profile

Wink Choco Mint

Ingredient List

Wink Choco Mint

Well, I will say that the top of the Wink Choco Mint pint already looks a lot different compared to their cake batter and iced latte flavors. There’s actually some sort of chocolatey look to this color, where as the other ones were almost devoid of color entirely and looked really bland. Now, what actually matters… The taste. I do get a slight hint of chocolatey mint-ness, but it’s about as strong as the coffee flavor was in the iced latte pint, which isn’t really THAT strong. Stronger than the cake batter flavor at least, but overall not anything crazy. When it comes down it, it still basically tastes like flavored ice, just chocolate mint flavored ice this time.

Wink Choco Mint The Wink Choco Mint totals out to 100 calories for the WHOLE PINT consisting of the macros 8p/16c/0f in addition to 4g fiber. The amazingly low calories and the extremely healthy, allergy-friendly nutritional profile are definitely the two biggest positives that this product has.

Bland. Boring. Uninspiring. All words that could be used to describe the taste of the Wink Choco Mint flavor. If you’re looking for a frozen dessert with SUPER low calories because you’re currently on poverty macros, then this is okay I guess, but I would still choose most Arctic Zero 150 calories flavors over this even. If your calories really aren’t THAT low though and you don’t have any specific food allergies, then it’s really hard to recommend this.

Wink Choco Mint

Yep, looks like flavored ice.


+100 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+8g protein for the whole pint

+Good for vegans and people with allergies



-Very bland and boring taste, essentially flavored ice


Recommended: Only if you’re one of those rare cases

Overall Rating: D


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