Wink Iced Latte Review

Wink Iced Latte

My first experience with Wink Frozen Desserts came with their cake batter flavor which was… Interesting. It didn’t taste like anything remotely close to actual ice cream, but more of like a slushie/frozen ice type of product. The flavor wasn’t ‘bad’, it was just really bland. For only 100 calories per pint, I guess you can only expect so much. I was anticipating a similar experience with the Wink Iced Latte flavor.

Wink Iced Latte Review


Wink Iced Latte

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Wink Iced Latte

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Wink Iced Latte

Yep… More or less the same. I do think the Wink Iced Latte was a tad better than their cake batter flavor oddly enough, considering I would always prefer a cake batter flavor over coffee flavor for basically any other brand of ice cream. I don’t think their cake batter flavor actually tasted like cake, where as I actually get a coffee-like taste from this one, just not TOO strong of one. It is a bit more flavorful overall though that’s for sure. However when it comes down to it, tt still tastes like flavored ice so don’t go into a pint expecting anything creamy or anything similar to real ice cream, or even ‘ice cream’ like Enlightened and Halo Top. For what it is though, it’s not terrible.

Wink Iced LatteThe Wink Iced Latte totals out to 100 calories for the WHOLE PINT consisting of the macros 8p/16c/0f in addition to 4g fiber. Obviously, this is the main pulling factor in why you would ever buy this product. I mean I’m only buying this now because my carbs are at 120g per day as I’m less than a month out from my next bodybuilding show. I would never eat this when my calories are higher and when I’m not prepping, to be perfectly honest. This product is dairy free, soy free, etc. and completely vegan, if any of that stuff really matters to you.

I mean… It wasn’t AWFUL. But it definitely wasn’t great, or even good either. As stated, it basically tastes like flavored ice with a slight hint of coffee flavor. It’s okay, and the volume is obviously there so it can help with satiety on low calories, but from an overall flavor standpoint… There are definitely WAY better options out there. I do think this was better than their cake batter flavor, but regardless I would rather take the extra calories and go for Enlightened or Halo Top instead, and even most flavors of Arctic Zero.

Wink Iced Latte

Meh again. Looks the same as their cake batter.



+100 calories for the WHOLE PINT

+8g protein for the whole pint

+Good for vegans and people with allergies



-Very bland taste, flavored ice basically


Recommended: Only if you’re one of those rare cases

Overall Rating: D


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