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Corbin Pierson

Hey everyone! My name is Corbin Pierson. I’m 24 years old and currently reside in my home state of Kansas. While I’m not a professional food critic or an expert writer, I do have a lot of experience with nutrition and dieting. I’ve been heavily involved with fitness and nutrition for a LONG time now. I played a lot of sports growing up throughout high school, and I currently compete as a natural professional bodybuilder. Some of my accolades regarding these fields include:


-B.S. Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas

-IFPA Professional Bodybuilder

-ACE Certified Personal Trainer

-Contest Prep/Nutrition Coach, Owner of Team Pierson Fitness


With bodybuilding being such a big part of my life, of course the nutritional side of things is extremely important as well. Just as important as all of the training and working out, if not even more so. I’m a natural bodybuilder which means I compete in all natural, drug tested competitions; steroids, pro hormones, test boosters, etc. are all completely forbidden. This means that for us natural athletes, our personal nutrition and diet is absolutely HUGE in how we look and how low of a body fat % we are able to get down to. Flexible dieting and IIFYM has been an absolute GAME CHANGER with my lifestyle and has made everything I do possible. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I don’t think I could be as committed with following my macros/calories as I am if I was forced to eat chicken and veggies 24/7 in order to do so.

I recently won my IFPA pro card in natural bodybuilding by dieting down for a full year, strictly counting all of my daily calories and macros while utilizing the concept of flexible dieting. I created this website completely from scratch, tried every single product featured on the site, and wrote all of these reviews in the last 4 months of that prep. I really stretched the term ‘flexible dieting’ to its absolute limit, but it ended up working out perfectly fine as the results show. As if there wasn’t enough proof out there that flexible dieting truly does work, I’m glad I could just add a little more to it.

If anyone is interested in following along my personal journey as a natural bodybuilder, you can follow my personal social media accounts below. On my Instagram/Facebook I post a variety of things ranging from helpful info regarding nutrition/fitness/competing, tasty food pictures, progress pictures, motivational pictures, funny pictures, and just random stuff in general from my everyday life. On my YouTube, I primarily post workout videos and informational videos regarding nutrition/fitness/competing.







My own transformation utilizing flexible dieting- 1st before/after is from 2008-2016, 2nd before/after is from 2010-2014

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.41.35 AM



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 12.50.30 AM

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